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Picking the Best Houston Lipo Dissolve Doctor

By Guest Author On November 27, 2010 Under Personal Development

There are several types of liposuction procedures and technologies in Houston that range from very affordable all the way to the high end luxury operation. Lipo dissolve has come on strong recently as a good alternative to traditional liposuction – but this may only be offered at a few locations in the city. This procedure is generally considered a good way to achieve the elusive goal of “spot reduction” by firming up a specific area of the body without any surgery. This approach can be more effective than a topical cream seen on late night TV commercials. Houston lipodissolve procedures really do provide a viable alternative for achieving weight loss.

However simple this procedure may seem, fat burning conducted through this method does have risks, and Houston lipo dissolve providers typically give a list of warnings about using it. First, depending on the individuals metabolism and body reactions, compounds inside the dissolving injection may cause allergies or other bad reactions. Second, a minor risk exists of infection from the needle sticks used to inject the chemical solution into the body. Third, the after application the patient may experience bruising based on the concentration of the chemical at the injection site. Another side effect of lipodissolve is that it can cause some weakness or headache.

The challenge with this procedure is mostly due to marketing – lipodissolve tries to be sold as a Botox equivalent, yet it hasn’t overcome many of the risks in terms of safety and side effects. So while in Houston lipo dissolve might be available, it is widely frowned upon as a method to replace traditional operations. Some states are now working to pass laws to ban the use of lipodissolve until it is approved by the FDA. For people wanting physical changes in their body appearance without the pain or risks of lipo surgery, the risks are considered acceptable.

Supporters of lipo dissolve also have another claim that resonates with patients – that it is able to keep the elasticity of the skin. Without rigorous scientific studies many of the claims (both for and against) are anecdotal so it may be wise to wait until the dust settles on the procedure to choose if it is right for you.

Those interested in finding a Houston lipo dissolve doctor should research the procedure as much as possible, discussing the pros and cons with people on both sides of the fence to get a balanced view.

Dr. Steven Ross seeks to help everyone navigate all of the confusing options surrounding plastic surgery. Being based in Houston, he also has a business doing Houston web developer. In the past he has specialized in gastric bypass surgery Dallas surgeries.

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