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Natural Anxiety Relief That You Can Use Today Without Medication

By Guest Author On November 24, 2010 Under Personal Development

If you’re stressing and wondering why you’re so anxious and are looking for natural anxiety relief techniques you can use today without taking medication then you may find this article will help you begin to grab a hold of your stress levels.

Vitamins can help

You’re probably aware that one of the factors that contribute towards making your stress worse is your diet, and those who are nutritionally deficient have been known to be more anxious. Sometimes we find ourselves too busy to focus on what’s important, and that is to pay more attention to eating healthily. Usually we tend to eat what is the most convenient.

What this commonly means is that we don’t get enough of the right vitamins . Research has indicated that vitamin B can help to reduce anxiety and doctors recommend vitamin B1 supplements to many of their patients. But is there anything else you need to be aware of with regard to your diet?

Get rid of what you don’t need

Gluten, sweeteners and other food additives are all substances that many people are allergic to. They can also lend themselves to increasing your stress levels and making things worse. So reduce your intake of wheat and gluten and read the labels on the back of the packaging and be aware of what additives are added to your food. Artificial sweeteners and other stimulants affect the nervous system so watch out for things such as “fructose corn syrup”, and aspartame.

Controlling your diet and watching what you take into yourself can begin the process of reducing your overall stress and anxiety. You can round up your success by increasing exercise and reap the benefits towards feeling so much better.

Endorphinze yourself (I know…I made that up!)

Whenever we exercise we release endorphins into our system, so make sure that you exercise regularly. It doesn’t necessarily have to be so intense, just as long as it gets your heart rate pumping, such as swimming or going for a slow jog.

There are plenty of changes you can make for natural anxiety relief, changes you can make to your lifestyle, simply by watching what you are eating, making sure you’re getting the right nutrients and omitting stimulants, artificial sweeteners and unnecessary additives. And I can’t recommend it enough, mark some time in your diary to carry out some regular exercise.

To download your FREE report on the harms of medication and how you can use natural anxiety relief to combat your stress today, click on the following link to find out more: http://www.copingwith-anxiety.com

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