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Making A Neighbor Understand That His Dog Is Noisy

By Guest Author On December 10, 2010 Under Personal Development

If you are one of those people who are lucky enough to live in a community in which they allow people to have their pets with them then you know how fun it can be to have these furry friends. The bliss however can be brought to a sudden end when you have the annoying barking dog for a neighbor.

It does not really matter whether the dog is being a good watch dog and alerting the owner of every passer-by or just yapping round the clock, it is a nuisance because you do not get to sleep. So what steps can you take to solve your “little” problem?

As a considerate human being the first thing that you need to do is confront your neighbor who owns the yapping pet with a friendly tone. 9 out of 10 times the dog is just lonely when its master is away and this is something that basic dog obedience training can solve in just a few weeks.

If the problem is the master’s absence then chances are that your neighbor doesn’t even know the problem you are facing so just bring it up in the friendliest manner.

If your attempts at trying to solve this problem in a friendly way fall on deaf ears then only then should you begin to explore other options like talking to the apartment community manager about it. Very pet community has noise ordinances so what is happening with your neighbor could be a lease violation.

Sometimes your complaints may not be taken seriously so just to have proof of what you are saying is a major disturbance, record the whole ordeal noting the times and dates.

Another issue may be that the pet is being mistreated and thus you would have to contact animal control.

Remember that all the solutions above are to be taken only if your neighbor pays no heed to your complaints.

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