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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

By Guest Author On December 4, 2010 Under Personal Development

Pregnancy brings so many changes to a woman’s body. Some woman fly right thru their pregnancy and drop the weight like nothing. Others have a tougher time as they now have two full time jobs. Be as it may, you just have to work a bit harder and you can have it all. You should look at your diet, you know you have to exercise and why not recuperate with massage chair therapy?

A woman will not lose as much weight as she expected to lose after the birth. She may end up with unwanted pounds due to excessive weight gain during the pregnancy. In many cases, fluid retention is the problem. In this case, the weight will drop approximately three weeks after delivering the baby. This is due to frequent urination and perspiration.

If you are not one of those women that just drop pounds like nothing, then prepare yourself for what may come. Realize that weight gain is part of the process. You are becoming a Mom or you have already been around the block. Half the game is mental, so be prepared from an emotional standpoint. You can lose the weight and you will, but it takes time and do not forget about effort.

There are numerous suggestions that will help you to lose this extra weight. Some of these helpful hints are obvious such as diet and exercise. Others are not so obvious such as massage chair therapy. When taken together, the weight can be lost and lost for good.

Diet. Diet. Diet. You are what you eat. Food is your energy. The types and range of fuels helps the body run and regulate itself appropriately. Do not fight an uphill battle. Get your intake of foods to be better quality for your body’s nutrition and you have won half the battle. Its OK to indulge with a dessert, just not everyday!

When you are out and having to face fast food choices, keep in mind that sodium is your enemy. Sodium or salt naturally helps you retain and maintain your water levels. During pregnancy, you normally build up more weight and a large part of this is water weight. Lower your intake of salt and you will also lose water weight. Go for bottled water over drinks with high sugar amounts. Avoid soda and many juice products.

The next important step is exercise. First, get your physicians approval for when exercise is appropriate for you. Go for a walk! It is the perfect exercise. Your baby will love it too. Push the stroller and get your baby used to going out with you. It is a win-win.

One way to help shed some pounds is with breast feeding. Breast feeding can negate up to 500 calories of intake per day. This is a dieting dream for women. Breast feeding makes diet and nutrition even more important as your intake is for two. You can consult with your doctor about how you can go about losing weight and breastfeeding.

Massage chair therapy can be a great tool in the recovery process after pregnancy. Your body has gone through some tremendous changes. Massage chairs provide targeted massage that can ease aches and pains, especially in the lower back. Massage chairs help to flush out toxins from the body which helps your weight loss goals. There are many potential benefits you can obtain from a massage chair. Check with your physician on how massage chairs can be part of your regimen.

Stepping on the scale after pregnancy can be very intimidating and you may be very hesitant. Ease up on yourself and remember what your body has been through. You have just given life and your body was stretched to the max. Since the pregnancy process occurred over a 9-month period of time, allow yourself at least 9 months to get yourself back into shape again.

Check with your physician and get their suggestions on how you can regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Consult your physician about these suggestions, to find out the proper nutrition, diet, exercise program and massage chair therapy that you have in mind.

Why not integrate a Massage Chair into your busy lifestyle. Give yourself the time to heal and rebound for a harmonious lifestyle. Massage Chairs are an terrific compliment to your diet and exercise.

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