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iPhone Insurance 101: Study The Historic Art of Arnis On Your iPhone

By Guest Author On August 13, 2011 Under Personal Development

As most people today agree, most martial arts that we know had originated in numerous locations in Asian Countries. In reality, several Asian nations have their own native system of fighting. Their self-defense skill is synonymous and directly identified with their lifestyle. For example, when one state that it’s Kung Fu or Wu Shu or Shaolin, it’s right away known as a Chinese martial art. If someone will say Karate, or Judo, or Jujitsu, people will say that it’s Japanese. If one will say that it’s Taekwondo, then undoubtedly, it’s Korean.

The sort of fighting that a majority of people, mainly under western culture, are familiar with, are those from Northeast Asia such as China, Korea and Japan. On the other hand, most people do not realize that Southeast Asia, is likewise the home to some of the most distinctive but proficiently deadly kinds of martial arts. The most famous among these are Thailand’s nationwide activity, Muay Thai, or in some cases termed as the Art of Eight limbs, as it uses the fists, elbows, knees as well as the thighs as weapons. Simply multiple each four limbs by 2, one to the left and one on the right, therefore you get eight in whole.

However, the Philippines, which is also a Southeast Asian nation has its own diversity of indigenous styles of martial arts training. Some of the regions in the Philippines have their very own form of fighting as well, although the most popular of which, and which also the national game of the Philippines is Arnis, or also known as Escrima or Kali. This really Filipino style of self- defense traces its roots centuries prior to the arrival of the very first Europeans. But, the first written account on the application of Arnis, or Kali, regardless of what you refer to it, goes back during the Battle of Mactan in 1521 among Spanish Conquistadores led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and the native soldiers led by Rajah Lapu-Lapu. With this first clash among Spaniards and Filipinos, the Europeans were repulsed and defeated, that also resulted in the death of Ferdinand Magellan himself.

This great learning tool offers the primary techniques of Arnis. It gives you a bird’s eye view on what Arnis is all about. Learn the 12 Striking Angles, the Block- Check- Counter techniques and Footwork strategies, that are all evidently discussed and demonstrated in a video format. Undoubtedly, the Apple iPhone is a great phone to own as it’s loaded with interesting apps that you could appreciate all the time. Would not it be great if you possibly could get an iPhone insurance plan for it too?

Actually, now you can cover your Apple iPhone from burglary, unwanted phone call use, unintentional and fluid spill damages. You can even expand your insurance policy for an extended time period. Plus while remaining outside the United Kingdom, you are going to enjoy the same exact coverage as well. For a reasonable payment, now you can have a fully comprehensive iPhone insurance for your personal Apple iPhone too.

As you will soon discover, Arnis isn’t just about stick fighting, it also uses knives, swords and daggers, as weapons of self- defense. It’s filled with disarming strategies also. When you are interested to know this amazing fighting techniques, you can do so through your Apple iPhone. As you may browse on the App Store, look for Stick Fighting Application and download one for yourself. –  iPhoneIns5310p51vg54n9_SeoLV

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