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How To Achieve Breakthrough Results By Improving Your Leadership Skills

By Guest Author On November 28, 2010 Under Personal Development

The wide variety of books that have been written on leadership skills highlight how important this subject is with most people. Why do so many people care about this subject? Leadership skills mean the difference between success or failure in achieving your professional or personal goals. How do you improve your leadership abilities? Here are eight ideas you can adopt to increase your leadership capacity and raise your chances of realizing your life dreams.

First, identify and copy the habits of successful leaders. You are probably not too far away from someone that is a great role model for you to imitate. Look around your work at the managers that are constantly getting promoted. Which departments consistently exceeds their goals? Are you an athlete or scholar? Think back to when you were involved in any type of athletic or academic competition. Who really stood out and why? Think about this and you will begin to see they all have one thing in common. They have great habits. You can not copy them but you can copy their habits and get better results than you are getting right now.

Second, set aside time each week to grade yourself on your leadership abilities. This is not easy for everyone to do. You got to look in the mirror and objectively evaluate your leadership capabilities. It may even feel like a therapy session when you are going through the process but the rewards of an honest assessment can bring permanent and dramatic results in your leadership development.

A third idea is to identify your individual leadership strengths and pursue improving those natural talents first. Strengths are often easy to overlook because you just use them without much effort. You should take some time to assess your natural aptitudes and constantly look for tasks that will challenge you to increase your capacity to become stronger with those capabilities.

Step Four is to catalog your leadership growth by creating a personal journal. This daily process of documenting your leadership insights and discoveries will make it easier for you to focus on improving your leadership capacity. This is one of the benefits that you can get from creating a leadership journal. It will bring a sense of accomplishment as you see the transformation process happening within yourself as a leader. That feeling alone can be enough to keep you focused on long term leadership development.

Fifth, learn how to motivate others towards improving their own leadership talents. When you help others become better leaders something happens to your own leadership effectiveness. Pick one person you want to help and then look for opportunities to help them.

Step Six is to remember that developing your leadership skill set takes a life time commitment. It will mean going through an ongoing learning process. This is not a big deal because great achievements do not come without a price. Look at Rome and remember that it did not become powerful in one day but over time became the number one empire in the world. You will not transform into some outstanding leader overnight either. Remember that each baby step forward is a step towards greatness. You will be moving incrementally towards become a better leader and in the long term will get better and better.

Step Seven is to value and learn from your leadership mistakes. We have all read books about exceptional leaders that were not supposed to do great things. They did not come with a halo announcing them as the next inventor or next president or next anything. In fact, some of them appeared odd to the skeptics of their day. They did not have any idea what they were really doing in the beginning of their pursuit but they were willing to learn from their mistakes. The kept learning and growing until they found out how to solve their specific business or personal problem. They gave themselves the gift of patience and learned how to change your thinking and habits. This process made them evaluate their existing leadership abilities and make changes until one day they became refined leaders who had the capacity to execute great tasks. This is how they became great leaders. Never allow a mistake to go by without understanding the lessons learned and growing from the experience.

Eighth, work on your communication and ability to persuade others. This is the heart of leadership. Remember that leadership involve communicating and selling an idea or vision until a goal is realized.

Can anyone become a better leader by improving their leadership skills? In my view, the answer is yes if you adopt these eight simple ideas. Do not delay another day on reaching your full leadership potential. Work on improving your leadership skills now!

There are various leadership skills that improve the effectiveness of your business. You can use leadership books that will help you learn the techniques and methods.

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