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Helpful Tips For Moving Day

By Guest Author On November 29, 2010 Under Personal Development

You are about to move, you can use all the tips you can get, well here are a few that will help you out. Adhering to these ideas will take a little of the stress out of this most stressful day, easing it at least a little bit.

The first thing to make sure of on moving days is to actually make sure that all your items are packed, People get so used to putting things in the places where they put them that they forget that on moving day everything has to go!

Make a list of things that you will need on hand and make sure not to pack those items. Cleaning supplies, food, drinks are just a few examples. But make sure that the list does not get too long or else you will never be able to gey yourself out of your old house.

Schedule your move for a weekday rather than for the weekend. Movers are less in demand on weekdays, so you may even get a good deal on the move. The real benefit of moving on a weekday is that the companies you may need to contact will be holding business hours. If you have difficulty with utility companies not connecting a service, you are able to call right away. Last minute arrangements with certain businesses are more likely to be fruitful on weekdays.

Make sure when you pack up your boxes that the movers can have access to all of them and they are not piled up together in rows. If you separate them they will easily be able to get a hand truck right next to them saving them time and you money!

If any of your belongings have been damaged in the move it is important to file an insurance report in a timely fashion. The best idea is to make an inspection prior to the movers leaving you new house, like this you can file a report with them before they even leave and get a chance to deny it.

The worst is now over, using these tips will ease you into your new home in a more comfortable manner. Enjoy your new home and hopefully you will not be moving for another while.

If you have a rig with a ramp consider an powered hand truck or maybe a stair climbing hand truck it will save you a ton of work!

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