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Drastically Explode Your Personal Allure With Subconscious Mind Power

By Guest Author On December 1, 2010 Under Personal Development

You are about to learn a mind control technique so powerful that the ancients kept it hidden from the general population for fear that if it got into the wrong hands, disaster would occur. These subconscious mind power methods were kept so secretive that it was believed by many that they were somehow attached to the occult and the dark side. For thousands of year they were kept secret.

No more.

In the last century, bestsellers like “Think and Grow Rich,” and “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind,” for the first time presented way in to these ancient and life shifting subconscious mind power secrets to the common man or woman on the street. In this editorial you’ll be trained to operate them to get social success, however that means to you.

Love, friendship, community respect. It’s all yours for the taking. All you need to do is to tap your oversize and continuous subconscious mind power.

Your subconscious mind is the controller of all. When you come into this existence, you are pre-programmed with a few survival mechanisms and learning instincts, but that’s about it. As you mature and travel through the world, you collect resources and grow viewpoints about how the world operates. If these perspectives are empowering and life affirming, then you are considered a ‘natural’ and success is simple.

However, for the immense majority, restrictive perspectives are developed, and serve as a barricade to accomplishment for many. As a replacement for of seeing opportunity, we see obstacles. Instead of seeing accomplishment, we see malfunction. Instead of seeing potential rewards, we see probable rejection and mortification.

That changes now.

Humans are organically social creatures. We are at home with others. Our inborn proclivity is to get along with others, share with others and make others chuckle and smile and feel happy. That naturally charismatic character who enters the room and turns heads, they are living in their native state.

Purpose of subconscious mind power.

Your subconscious mind will need to be retrained with some specially crafted affirmations, that will need to be used in a detailed way to maximize the power of your subconscious mind.

The initial step is to make your affirmations. State them in the present, positive tense, as if they are already genuine. Say them as you are describing your ideal social self. If you received one wish from a magical genie, how would you decide to be? Depict that future you, in the present tense.

While repeating your affirmations, say them with as much sentiment as possible. Gratitude, thanks, love for yourself and who you are. Love for the dominant feelings you generate in others.

The best time to affirm your affirmations is when you are in that drowsy, drowsy state just near sleep. This is when your subconscious mind is open the most to suggestions, and will accept new encoding the easiest. Spend five to ten minutes, two or three times a day, repeating your affirmations.

The most excellent times are just when you wake up, and immediately as you fall asleep at night. If you can get into the habit of actually falling asleep while whispering your affirmations to yourself, that will turbo charge your results.

Keep this up for a few weeks, and observe the magic happen.

You can increase your subconscious mind power when you learn about online hypnosis

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