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Catching Some Z’s With Easy Snoring Prevention Tips

By Guest Author On November 30, 2010 Under Personal Development

Snoring isn’t only the bother for the one who has it. It hits everyone who is within earshot. If the snorer sleeps in the same room as someone, like his or her spouse or partner, then it is a problem and nuisance for all.

Snorers can experience circulatory problems in the long run if their condition doesn’t get better. It can result in heart problems and high blood pressure. For the snorers’ “victims,” they get to have an exhausting day-after, which likely leads to annoyance.

Men comprise most of the percentage of snorers, although there are women and a really small number of kids who likewise snore. The condition is also frequent among older people as their muscles weaken with age.

The simplest way to reduce snoring is to sleep on your side. This position lets more conducive air flow to your air passages. Some even sleep on their stomach. But of course, this is not permanent. You won’t be aware that you have returned to your former sleeping position and back to your snoring.

To prevent your tongue from blocking your air passages while you sleep, raise half of your mattress so that your head and torso are higher than your lower body.

Avoid drinking alcohol and eating dairy products hours before going to bed. Alcohol relaxes your throat, causing your tongue to fall back and block your airways, while dairy causes mucus that can form in your nose and throat.

There’s no easy way to put this, but to get rid of your snores, you should also extinguish your extra fats. Obese people are said to be more prone to snoring. Incidentally, studies also say that those who smoke are twice as likely to be snorers.

Snoring can also be aggravated by some medications such as antihistamines and even sleeping pills. If possible, cut down your intake before going to sleep.

As a last resort, you can opt to undergo surgery. Many snorers prefer to go under the knife after trying unsuccessfully each prevention tip available. But before rushing to your ENT doctor for the surgery, determine first if you have sleep apnea. Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea. So even if you eliminate your snores, you may still have a sleep disorder.

As always, ask your ENT doctor for queries. Ask him what is the best treatment for eradicating snoring for you. Your otolaryngologist can help you achieve the straight sleep you have always been dreaming of.F

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