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Boost Your Memory- 3 Ways To Improve Your Brain

By Guest Author On November 29, 2010 Under Personal Development

Our memory is one of the most important parts to our lives. It helps us remember our loved ones, friends, co-workers, events, and everything we do each day. The first time you forget something it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, we can’t remember everything, but if it continues to happen then there could be an underlining issue. In order to overcome this you have to figure out how to boost your memory.

When you think about someone losing their memory; who would be the first people you would consider? The majority of the time we picture older people. However, it can happen to anyone at any age. The reason older people end up with this problem is due to the neurons in the brain. During the later years of our life we begin to see our neurons age, move slower, or simply burn out.

If you want to boost your memory or just learn how to improve your brain, here are few tips to help you get back on track:

1) Taking Advantage of Graphics and Sounds- If you’re having a hard time recalling something, consider utilizing graphics and sounds. A great example of this is if you have a list you can’t recall. Take out a piece of paper and stare at it until you can visualize what was on it. However, there are some people who need to recall something by use of audio’s. Whatever choice you make, it just has to be the right one for you. Do you remember how you used to do this in school? Would you consider yourself the individual who read to themselves or read aloud in order to remember the story.

Associate Things- Yes, we’ve all done it before, and if you want to learn how to improve your brain it’s possible you need to start using association. There are various ways to do this, but one of them is mnemonics. It’s basically where you take the first letter of a bunch of words, and then make a sentence out of each one. It’s possible this won’t help to boost your memory, but others see how much easier it is to recall things when this form is used.

3) The Visualization- We know you’ve heard about the term “photographic memory”. If not it’s a term we use for people who seem to remember everything. The reason this is even used is because they can take advantage of more than one thing to remember something. The best example we can give you here is where most people remember lists, but only one thing at a time. Those with better memories will channel everything at the same time. This really takes a skill set, but it’s definitely something you can learn.

4) Eat Right- Any time you want to boost your memory and learn how to improve your brain, eating the right foods is always at the top of the list. The healthier you eat the more vitamins and minerals your body receives. We also recommend foods and drinks that are good for the brain like; milk, fish, and tofu.

Do you really want to learn how to improve your brain? If so then it starts by making a commitment to stick with the program. This is not something you’re going to be able to do over night, but with continued training it will be easy to boost your memory.

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