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What’s the Difference between Good and Bad Questions to Ask My Boyfriend?

By Guest Author On July 20, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

The questions you ask your boyfriend depend a lot on the type of person he is. If he’s the type who tells you a lot about his life and seems very open, there might not really be any bad question. If he’s very close-mouthed about certain things, though, asking questions might seem like prying. You probably have a rough idea about how receptive your boyfriend will be to certain types of questions.

Most people ask about a person’s past relationships; it’s only natural to do so. But if you do it to excess he might start to think that you’re a bit too curious or even obsessed about his past girlfriends. Some interest in his past shows you want to know him better; too much can feel intrusive.

Polite questions about his past, in most cases, shouldn’t cause anyone to get upset though. It’s understandable if you get a little jealous. Just don’t blow things out of proportion. If you weren’t at least a little jealous, some men might think you don’t like them enough to be jealous.

Bad questions to ask your boyfriend usually, if they’re not ex-girlfriend related, center around you being suspicious. No man likes to have to account for every moment of his life or feel that he needs your permission to do something.

If you feel the need to know where he is and what he’s doing at all time, there may be a lack of trust. If trust is an issue for you you may want to ask your self why.

Having a loving intent can make the difference between a good question and a bad question. If you’re asking a sincere question because you want to know your boyfriend better or strengthen relationships and will almost always be a good question

A wonderful guide for excellent questions is 1000 Questions for Couples. An excellent way to find out more about each other is to take turns answering questions from that book. Another great relationship guide Is Second Chance Romance



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