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Use an Investment Overview to Find Private Funds for Your Business

By Guest Author On March 23, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

The Investment Overview is used in conjunction with a Commercial Loan Package to obtain an interest level from an investor or venture capital firm for your business opportunity. It also will supply the investor the important facts and information about your presented opportunity. This way the business investment opportunity can be quickly reviewed and vetted.  The Venture Capital Process can be lengthy, but by providing the right documentation (already prepared prior to your Funding Initiative) from the get-go, you will significantly shorten the VC process and pull in the attention your deal deserves.  It is good if the investment overview goes with a longer version of an executive summary. This gives the investment group the opportunity to gather the more in-depth information about your company, your management team, your products and services, and your established competitive edge.

An Investment Overview is very detailed, yet it should be brief and concise.  Your Executive Summary and  Business Plans will provide the next levels of detail the Venture Capitalist requires.  This article contains a template for the investment overview. It is important to customize the presented template in order to satisfy the particular objectives and requirements of the investor or venture capital fund you are focusing on. It is easy to obtain the venture capital terms, objectives, criteria, etc. VC firms provide this information so entrepreneurs effectively present their opportunity to them. This also helps to quickly determine if the business investment opportunity matches with the fund’s expectations.  

This is probably the single most important document you will send to prospective investors, so ensure it is targeted, concise, complete and accurate, with no mistakes or sloppiness.  Develop the Investment Overview last, after you have completed your Business Planning, Business Plan, Executive Summary and Loan Package.

Here’s an Example Format of the Investment Overview


  1. Company Name
  2. Location
  3. Business Type and Industry
  4. Business Stage
  5. Business Form
  6. Business Formation Date
  7. Company and Venture Overview

Product and Service 

  1. Product and Service Description
  2. How the Product and Service is Unique
  3. Proprietary Characteristics
  4. Patents, Trademarks and Service Marks


  1. Business History Summary
  2. Founders, Directors and Principals
  3. Managers and Key People
  4. Track Record
  5. Previous Venture Capital and Investment Deals
  6. Key Experience

 Market and Competitive Edge 

  1. Current and Projected Market Penetration
  2. Market Niche
  3. Competitive Edge

 Financial Overview 

  1. Investment to Date
  2. Principals’ Equity Contribution
  3. Company Net Worth
  4. Principals’ Net Worth
  5. Investment Required
  6. Terms
  7. Proposed Structure
  8. Exit Strategy
  9. Investment Stage
  10. Liquidity Options
  11. Valuation Pre and Post Investment
  12. Current and Projected Debt to Equity Ratio
  13. Current Ratio
  14. Acid Test Ratio
  15. Collateral
  16. Current Liens, Loans and Terms
  17. Year to Date Profit (Loss)
  18. Projected 1st to 3rd Year Profit (Loss)
  19. Current & Projected Net Profit Margin (%)
  20. Appraised Values (and Methods)
  21. Return on Equity
  22. Return on Investment
  23. Management, Market, Technological and Investment  Risks
  24. Funds Disbursement Schedule

Due Diligence Synopsis 

  1. Litigation
  2. References

Five Key Questions and Answers on this Deal 

  1. Why is this a viable opportunity?
  2. Why I am doing this venture?
  3. Who I talked to in similar businesses?
  4. Have I tried out the Product or Service in the market?
  5. Has my Plan been reviewed and critiqued by Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, Mentors, Consultants and other Professionals?

This article is written by Frank Goley, Business Consultant for ABC Business Consulting. ABC Business Consulting offers business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, funding business plans and turnaround business plans, along with business consulting, business coaching, and business turnaround services. ABC also provides Web SEO, marketing and development services.

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