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Splitting The Ex Girlfriend – How To Produce Explosive Passion

By Guest Author On April 18, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

Starting a relationship in order to fill in an emotional hole is a recipe for another break up. It just means more pain for you and it isn’t fair to the other person. Start to think about getting back together after a break up and you will be reminded of what broke the relationship up in the first place. The question is what will you do to rekindle the old flame? How are you going to go about starting to get your girlfriend back for good? If you simply sit around waiting for the phone to ring then you can pretty much kiss goodbye to any chances you have had of getting her back. Instead you need to proactively look at it and make sure that things happen quickly, but without making her feel as though you are chasing her.

You might think that your girlfriend has been storing up all kinds of hurts to use against you, but in reality she has probably simply been waiting for you to be honest with her. And the secrets to winning a girlfriend back are as much encapsulated in the ideas of being open and honest with your partner, as they are by any particular deficits in your character. Once you open up and be honest with her then you may well find that she is considerably more forgiving about any other problems that there are in the relationship, and much more willing to act quickly to get them sorted out. Recall the sweet thoughtful things that you did when first getting to know each other and do them again.

When you only talk with your girlfriend when there is a problem, and you need to figure out who is responsible for solving it. Then you are setting yourself up for relationship problems. You need to start realising that it is not enough to be a cold fish when it comes to communication. You need to open yourself up to the possibilities of being more open. It will reward you with a better relationship. No doubt about it. But additionally it is essential if you are looking to get your ex back quickly and keep her around. Communication breakdowns can happen in subtly different way in relationships where the couple don’t have shared interests. So it is a good idea to have some shared hobbies. In that way you are forced to engage and talk together not only about problems, but also fun stuff that is outside your normal every day relationship issues.

By their very nature women are always looking to tweak and improve the men in their lives. They see you a bit like a piece of clay that would benefit from careful moulding, and they are just the sculptor to do it! There is not an awful lot you can do about this. You simply have to realise that this is not a reflection of your behaviour in particular. It is simply a reflection of how girls treat guys who they see as potential boyfriend material. So, if anything, you should actually be flattered. If she cares enough to want to change you, then there is still a lot of hope and juice left in the relationship.

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