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Natal Astrology And What It Can Help You With

By Guest Author On August 26, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

Natal astrology is the detailed and objective analysis of the birth chart, the planetary positions and relationship in the second and place of our birth.

The discovery of our own being is the first step in astrology, simply because to be able to help and transform other folks around us, to be capable to change our lives, initially we need to help and transform ourselves, so that we can be aware of our true divine nature.

Astrology faces us with ourselves, with all our abilities and gifts, but additionally our weaknesses, awakening from the depth of our being the power, will, courage, trust and additionally the love, common sense, and compassion.

An astrology reading assists us to notice very quick our limitations, concerns, prejudices, and as a result saving us from many negative experience we otherwise would need to realize crucial lessons.

The birth chart analysis can help us discover what we are and how to solve our most significant problems. This symbolizes in fact the initial reason to advise you towards self-knowledge, toward being truly yourself anywhere and in any situation. 

You can calculate natal charts utilizing various applications online, but any seasoned astrologer will preffer to use a program which he can set it up as he or she likes, to be capable to study the same data using unique configurations, and to be capable to easily tweak every little thing in the appearance of the chart.

For example, If I want to identify more accurately the birth hour of a person, or study the transits, I need to change the data rapidly and see the changes in real-time, and I can’t do that with any online application.

Also, if I’m studing a romantic relationship, I commonly open four charts, his, hers, the sinastry and the composite chart, that’s additionally quite inconvenient to do online, especially if you wish to speedily adjust orb settings for distinct features and so on.

To get a glimpse at the complexity of a natal chart interpretation, I want to share with you the basic method of calculating it, with a small application referred to as Astrolog32. It is a freeware program that one can locate by searching for it on Google, so you can get it and use it as you wish.

Please additionally examine the implementation instructions, I will skip this element and just show you how to finish the natal chart data.

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