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Illegal Dentistry Rampant Today

By Guest Author On August 9, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

There was this lady, a prominent salon owner who thought of teeth whitening services to be a huge part of the services given by her very posh salon believing that such would be a very great addition to eyelash extensions, temporary tattoos and custom makeup services that she provides. However, she got into trouble after one of the Alabama Board of Dental Examiner’s inspectors accused her of practicing illegal dentistry and made her stop. Her ongoing lawsuit with the state has waded into the murky area of regulating teeth whitening products that are increasingly offered in settings outside the dentist’s office, such as salons and mall kiosks. More information on the topic of dentistry is located at dentist teeth whitening.

The men behind the dental industry claims that it is very much an issue on health and safety but then those from the industry of beauty parlors accuse the dentists of making them lose out on something financially productive. She has been heard stating that as a business owner all she wanted was to give more services and bring in more customers to her salon. And then you are suddenly threatened to be shut? It can become so frustrating, shares this woman as she blow dried a patron’s hair which has freshly cut. It is strongly believed by her that they are on the right side of law as this is a cosmetic procedure.

It is almost impossible to determine whether those ultraviolet lights or trays are sanitary or safe, states a dentist for 43 years and now the American Dental Association’s consumer adviser and spokesman. The process of whitening in salons today is sometimes facilitated by people wearing white coats who hand the trays to their clients who then in turn put these into their own mouths or adjust the lights over their teeth all on their own abilities only. But what the ADA is worried about is this , customers wrongly seeing these salon employees as health care professionals. The level of disinfection and sterilization is something we are not privy about. This is an unregulated thing you are faced with.

A huge array of the same products is now available in stores for customers to be able to use on themselves right at their homes too. Consumers should have the right to whiten their teeth any way they want to whiten them just as long as it’s done in a very safe manner and this is what we ultimately feel this boils down to a consumer rights issue. It would usually cost you $100 up to $200 for mall or salon based whitening treatment for teeth using bleaching dishes and UV lights. You’ll have to pay four hundred dollars or more when you ask a dentist to do it. For more information on dentistry check out sydney laser dentist.

After a judge from Montgomery found that teeth whitening constitute the practice of dentistry and that such should come with a license, he then ruled in favor of Alabama’s dental board in a lawsuit that a company that supplies whitening products to salons and kiosk brought. The Birmingham attorney who represented the Alabama board in the case, said the issue is being addressed in several states, including Wyoming, Louisiana, North Carolina, Minnesota and New Mexico, and that many have reached the same conclusion as the Alabama judge.

Last month, the Tennessee board of dentistry, following complaints about mall kiosks, changed its rules to clarify that whitening can only be performed by licensed dentists or hygienists and dental assistants under their direct supervision. I just find it so amazing how we are thought of practicing dentistry when we never touch the customer’s mouth and never even touch the customers, period, states this visibly uptight owner of a known salon.

As a final point, the dental board of Ohio agreed with this after they established that while it does have some concerns about unregulated use of such materials, teeth whitening by nondentists is still tolerable just as long as consumers are the ones strictly putting the materials on their own teeth, positioning the light by themselves, and just as long as nobody else touches their mouths too. The board agrees that by simply providing a person with the materials to make a tray and demonstrating to them how to apply materials to their teeth for bleaching purposes, you are still far from practicing dentistry.

The ADA spokesman said that he first saw such whitening being done on a cruise about seven years ago, but that the practice has really taken root within the past four or five years. He declares also that within the American Dental Association, a policy applies but unfortunately, such is enforceable. Now all dental groups and state governments should know how to handle it the best way.

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