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Girls’ Sandals: The Clog Sandals

By Guest Author On March 19, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

Sandals are largely any sort of shoe that doesn’t cover the entire foot. Usually they have straps of some sort holding the foot to the only, sometimes there is more substance to the top and infrequently there’s barely enough of a strap to keep the shoe on. Clogs can be considered to fall into the class of girls’ sandals as they do not cover the back of the foot, though they usually do cover the whole front.

The first of the clog sandals have been worn in Europe for many centuries. Many people associate clogs with Holland, as this is traditionally where the wooden shoe comes from. The most conventional clog was sometimes made totally out of wood, but now more frequently only the sole is wooden with a leather higher covering the top front and sides of the foot, but leaving the heel exposed.

Clog sandals worn today are also regularly made with a wooden sole. These are thought of by many to be healthy for the foot, but as they are less comfortable than footwear made of softer materials, most these days have a rubber sole and are rather more cushioned and flexible.

One of the favourite features of clog sandals is the ease with which they can be put on and taken off. Because the backs of such sandles are totally open, you simply slide your foot in and you are good to go. Clogs are also recognizable by the kind of rounded toe that is generally barely raised at the tip.

The definition of clog sandals has broadened considerably recently. From wooden shoes to wooden soled shoes to just about any shoes with no back right on down to the soft rubber variety that most everybody seems to have 2 these days.

Because these are so cozy and easy to put off and on, but also easy to keep on the foot, they’re a favourite style for many individuals. As well as this, as there are such a big amount of various styles of clogs, you’ll be able to find a pair to wear while working in your garden and a pair to wear for a nice night out on the tiles and a pair for anything between.

The rubber sort of clogs that typically are all made from one material and usually, though not always, come in only one color and often have a strap that will go behind the heel or be placed out of the way over the foot are typically worn as a summer sandal for girls. They’re awfully casual and snug and work quite nicely as slippers at home, gardening shoes as well as casual shoes for wearing round the town.

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