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Establishing Strong Bonds By Using Connection Development

By Guest Author On April 29, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

How frequently have you wanted to build a connection with a person or a group but somehow missed the mark? You keep obtaining the exact same results every single time you make an effort at establishing any relationship, and it is a result you’re not happy with. If this is the case, you really need to change how you do things.

Relationship development is one of mutual influence, a give and take in a relationship, consists of having regard for the feelings of other people, respecting and understanding them, and looking at life from someone else’s perspective apart from your own. Walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes and start to recognize where they’re coming from. This is not a mystery method by erik von markovik, it’s just common sense. Have the motivation to give it a try.

Interaction with others is multifaceted. Everybody has their own views on life that we believe is right, we have completely different values and beliefs. You’ll find cultural issues as well as several other things that have to be taken into consideration when dealing with others. So I’ve come up with a mystery-method that may just make it happen for you.

*Take an honest interest in the other individual.

*Be curious as to how the other individual thinks, what they value most, what type of humor they have, what language they use – could it be visual, auditory or feeling?

*If there is an apparent age gap between you and the other individual, learn about that generation, what their ideals are, what motivates them and demonstrate an interest in their history.

*Become willing and flexible enough to see life by way of the other person’s eyes? How do they view the world?

*Have open communication with other people and be willing to reveal some things about yourself, of course within reason and when appropriate. 

*People can sense manipulation, if not consciously then subconsciously. I can sense manipulation a mile off and do not like it one bit! Sometimes I’ve kicked myself for agreeing to something I really didn’t want to. Rapport is about mutual influence – give and take, a good example is sharing in jokes, brainstorming a project together, a class, or becoming part of a team. 

*Mirror and follow their posture and movements. This isn’t about copying or mimicking. When movements flow like a dance it shows you are in sync with others.

*Notice and truly hear their voice. What tone, pitch, tempo, volume and wording do they use?

*What exactly is their breathing rate – quick, slow, even, erratic? Observe their rhythm of breathing and do the same. I find when I do one-on-one sessions with my clients, my breathing rate and that of my client becomes one. I know then that my client and I are completely in the present moment and focused on one another.

*We all have a unique way we move, some of us are slow, quick, steady or barely make a movement. I apparently move like a penguin. The distinctive movement of other people is something else that may be matched.

*Actively tune in to the other individual – be curious about what they have to say. Even my young son knows when I am not present and not actually listening to him.

*Know and recognize what your relationship with your ‘self’ is just before building rapport with other people. 

*Be within the present moment.

*And finally, the biggest and most effective rapport development technique is whenever you are personally involved in the rapport building process!

May you have a lot of wonderful moments in establishing relationships!

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