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Drinking Alcohol And Making Love – Is It Actually A Wise Decision?

By Guest Author On May 30, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

Drinking is called the number one ‘panties/boxers remover’ in the whole world. We all know that we shouldn’t drink and drive, but what about drinking and running into bed? We are not so sure about that, and those who have experienced having sex after drinking will probably agree and remember how huge that mistake was.

Here are 7 reasons why not to consume alcohol and have sex:

The mature lover

The mature women love to have sex and like all of us they have that need. If we’re talking about the ladies that are very old, they definitely have that need and probably haven’t done it for a long time. She’ll wait for you while you get drunk in the bar, and when you are done with your fifth drink she’ll get you. Some of you are going to say: ‘great’. Okay, everybody has their style.

Unknown sexual background

She’s blonde, she has an excellent figure and she is willing to get to bed with you right after the second drink, but she is going to wait until you’re done with the bottle, so it’ll be far more difficult for you the spot the ‘extra’ body part she has.

Your best friend

You always knew that she was a little different, and each time you’ve looked at a great looking girl’s bosoms, she was looking at her boyfriend’s rear end. Despite the fact that she does not fancy you, she is going to right after the third drink. You start to have the ‘I need some sex’ feelings. Soon after your third drink you begin compromising and then you wake up in the morning! Now you need to face it.

The weight issue

She is sexy, she is pretty, she doesn’t say no and she is about 15 sizes more than you in terms of fashion. The sex may be excellent, but your backache is going to be there for years to remind you of that point in time when you said yes to her.

On the surface and underneath

Yea, she looks wonderful with that mini skirt and once you drink, you do not really get down to details, but the next day, just thinking about what you have been licking could make you ill.

The awkward punch line

All went incredibly well. You guys had an amazing evening, and you might even love her for that, but now you will have to pay for it for the rest of your life due to the fact you were so drunk that you simply married her.

If you’re only in search of a one night stand, deangelo david and ross Jeffries can assist you. There’s no need for the extra alcohol. All it takes is the correct words along with a little make over. This is not a david deangelo scam. We promise!

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