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David Deangelo, Neil Strauss, Style Life, The Mystery Method Reviewed Updated

By Guest Author On December 19, 2010 Under Law of Attraction

As I have previously written (see “David Deangelo, Mr. L. Rx , Neil Strauss,  Mystery Method Reviewed”) I have bought all of these books and systems and have tried them for over five years now. 

My ranking based on workability for the average guy is as follows.

  1. Dating To Relating  (Mr. L. Rx)
  2. Double Your Dating (David Deangelo)
  3. The Mystery Method ( Love Systems )
  4. Style Life (Neil Strauss)

My Rankings as of this new date still stand. For an explanation of each guru and why I ranked them as I did see my previous article “David Deangelo, Mr. L. Rx , Neil Strauss, Mystery Method Reviewed”.


Let me just say I still believe that “Dating To Relating –From A To Z” is absolutely the best product out there. Dating To Relating has come out with another new impressive product: “How To Get More Sex From Your Wife Or Girlfriend”, which I think is a great book for guys who are in relationships. Again this is something the other gurus above don’t even treat.  

Dating To Relating also came out with another new product the “Kama Sutra” edited by Mr. L. Rx. I think having a copy of the Kama Sutra is a must for any couple and it is nice for Dating To Relating to offer this on their website for couples, but Mr. L. Rx’s copy doesn’t offer any new perceptiveness into the Kama Sutra and honestly it doesn’t look like he meant to.

This is not an original text by Mr. L. Rx. It is simply the classic translation by Sir Richard Burton with some sexual position illustrations from the same time period. (The original translation was not illustrated.) If you don’t have a copy of the Kama Sutra then Dating To Relating is as good a place as any to get a copy, but don’t look for any of Mr. L. Rx’s wisdom to be contained in this version.

Love Systems and The Mystery Method –  Ok what is this all about? Well, Wikipedia reported that since December 2006, Mystery is no longer part of the Mystery Method website, and he has launched his own company, although the Mystery Method has carried on and expanded without him.  

Looks like there was some sort of business dispute over who owned the website between Mystery and Savoy.

According to court documents and as at one time reported on Wikipedia it looks like Mystery pulled a fast one on Savoy after asking him to be a 50/50 equity partner.

Mystery Method Corporation, now known as Love Systems (controlled by Savoy) went to court to recover its interest . To make a long story short. Love Systems won an injunction against Mystery and finally the two parties came to a settlement agreement. So now it seems themysterymethod dot com has been dropped all together and love systems is the new site.

Honestly, I think Mystery and whoever is his partner now need to get their you-know-what together. All this kind of in-fighting does is destroy the value that they have for guys. I think this is reflected in the declining traffic. Although it is a little hard to determine precisely how much traffic they have as it is split between two websites and perhaps it reflects the same people going to both.

More reason to stick with my top two recommendations – Dating To Relating and Double Your Dating.

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