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Cult Persuasion Method

By Guest Author On January 20, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

Several common physical routines utilized by cultsinclude hyperventilation, repetitive motion and body manipulations.  Conversely, psychological strategiesinclude trance/hypnosis and guided imagery. Cult leaders and active followers employ a mix of these strategiesto encourage members and improve their devotion.

Hyperventilation involves constant over-breathing that can causes carbon dioxide levels inside the bloodstream to drop. In the milder stages, induces dizziness hyperventilation  or light-headedness.  This activity creates an abnormal condition called respiratory alkalosis, it raises the alkalinity in the blood and tissues. However, more lengthened over-breathing can cause panic, muscle cramps and convulsions.  Cults often times have people do incessant loud screaming, chanting or signing to generate this condition, which they insure as which has a spiritual experience.

As outlined by former associates of a cult, there is also a amount of body tricks proceduresperformed in numerous religiousgroups, their leader would walk from member to another then press on their eyes until the pressure within the optic nerve cause them toperceive flashes of light.  This method is called “bestowing divine light.”  The cult members wereconstantlyadvised to intently push on their ear lobes until they heard a buzzing or humming sound, which was interpreted as hearing the “divine harmony.”

Guided imagery is likewise found in one moreeffective method well-liked by therapy cults to regress members returning to the agony and loneliness of pastevents like childhood, tragedies and heartbreaks.  That isusually depicted in movies and sometimes even performedlive in a number of television programs. Cult leaders also utilize a number of different imagery patterns like long elaborate visual stories that can absorb the attendees in to a trancelike stateand make them more susceptible to trick andeffect, to take out followers off their normal frames of reference and heave themup to oblivion.

As a consequence of man’s relentless pursuit for a higher-level of bliss, these and also other ways of persuasion such as cult persuasion will still beexercised for years to come.

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