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Clothing Selection for a First Date

By Guest Author On January 27, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

A basic idea of Dating 101 is so often overlooked by many internet singles.  I continually stress the criticality of first impressions on a blind date.   If you’re going to attend a first date dressed like a slob, your date can only imagine how you will appear after you “settle in” and get to know him or her. OMG! The first date “shlump” conveys one or more of these:  

He or she is a socially skilled juvenile with few, if any, personal skills.  As a result they don’t accept the importance of making a solid initial impression.  

They seemingly can’t afford anything beyond a baseball hat, ripped jeans and an old shirt.  And this can be okay because income is not the be all end all.  So this is a subject of personal preference in your date. However if your date clearly has a good job, a steady income and lives quite well, but still shows up for a first date looking like a slob, then run! 

If they don’t hold themselves to a higher measure, then how can they meet your standards and needs in a relationship with you?  These may just be signals of a soon to be disaster date.

Dress in the 2000’s has changed immensely from prior decades.  Corporations are dressing casually.  Executives often attire themselves in a more corporate, laid back dress code as the years of business suits has diminished.  However, successful, confident people can still be stylish and emit a high sense of self and present themselves in a successful light.  Nowadays, jeans are satisfactory just about everyplace you go.  But worn, faded (not intentionally) and ripped jeans with a Boston Red Sox T-shirt on a first date says nothing more than lack of desire for a positive impression, and this is a major red flag. 

As for me, I prefer a woman who takes care of herself in the physical sense and is well made up.  I definitely don’t look for supermodels with adequate make-up to paint the side of a skyscraper.  However, I like makeup on a woman.  I enjoy a woman who cares about this as well and always makes herself presentable for an initial date.  When I meet a woman who cares enough about a first date to show up without the slightest bit of makeup, and has clearly taken no time to get ready for the first date, I am instantly turned off.  Note that this is simply my preference.  Some girls are more of the tomboyish and look very appropriate wearing less make-up, but they do care about their appearance and it is evident.  This is fine if that is your preference.  If a woman uses little or zero makeup, but plainly values her entire appearance, then you go girl!  The caveat here for me is the girl who is well made up in her dating profile photos and then shows up for a first date looking as if just returned the gym.  So when I say dress to impress, this actually means the entire package:  Clothing, makeup (for the girls) and hair. 

 Important note:  “It is better to be overdressed than underdressed”.  Always remember this.  Make it your first date rule, especially for a first date.

Remember that you definitely don’t want to end up as another one of the thousands of disaster dates we often hear about.  

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