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Cancer’s Symbol in Astrology

By Guest Author On August 31, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

A lot of people see these glyphs really superficially,simply associating them with pictorial components related to the sign in topic, while they stand for much more than that.

Referring to glyphs, even meditating on them, we can have the revelation that makes the difference between studying aboutenergy and using a mantra to get in touch with it. There is adifference between knowledge and understanding.

The glyphs applied in spiritual astrology, are symbols that represent the archetypal energy of any sign or planet, they are those designs through which we can deeply resonate with the occult aspects of the energies with which we operate and use to help people know themselves better.This is why I decided to share the story about this profound symbolism, story that I myself learned from those who initiated me in the secrets of astrology, and through my practical experience as an online astrologer I have widened my views on it.

In the Cancer glyph we uncover the two spheres totally separated. Due to the traps and prevalence of the mind, the divine sphere separates completely from the human sphere, they stay close but they don’t touch each other. The nostalgia of the past, which is related to the unity between the two spheres marks this point of evolution and the tendency to stay lost in this nostalgia, is its trap.

This energy – maternal in definition – feeds and sustains with energy a new entity which was created through the rupture from the divine sphere. It is like a rebirth of the man in manifestation without a direct relationship with God, only the memory and nostalgia of that union remains. If for the Aries, we are referring to a birth from transcendence (symbolized by the principal point of the glyph), for the Cancer we are referring to a birth from a physical mother (symbolized by the Cancer’s glyph that can represent the breasts of a woman), that is part of our forgetfulness regarding our divine origins.

The archetypal energy of the Cancer is the energy of the mother, energy which feeds, sustains and shields the kid that she has born as I use it in my astrology reading practice. It is additionally the sign that remembers the far away past, the union with God and brings into the present through emotions, the intimacy from the Edenic period. This Edenic intimacy is resided within a family and a home, in which they live, where they manage to produce  the experience of emotional safety that brings us to a state of complete and ideal protection given by God.


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