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Be Spontaneous On Your Dates

By Guest Author On July 15, 2011 Under Law of Attraction

In an older post over at Gentleman’s Black Book, The First Kiss, the author touched base briefly on being spontaneous. In this post I’ll go into depth about being spontaneous and why females see it as such an desirable quality.

Why is being spontaneous an appealing characteristic to females?

Being spontaneous with your date exhibits that you’re not afraid to take a risk. It adds pleasure to the date, and ultimately, to your relationship. If you are taking your date out to dinner on an evening where the ideal locations won’t be completely reserved, suggest walking around until you both spot somewhere where you want to dine. While it’s only a small gesture, if you are consistent with your spontaneity, then it can work out well for you.

In essence, it’s like stealing one of the ‘bad boy’ qualities, and turning it into your own. females will always be attracted to the bad boy in one way or another, so be spontaneous and use that characteristic to your advantage.

No one likes an regular regime, an normal day, or an regular date.

When you are out on a date, one way to make it far more spontaneous is to adhere to your instinct. As soon as you have an thought, pursue it. As well as being spontaneous, you will also keep the date flowing, which is essentialfor a date to go from normal, to excellent. Rather than planning the whole night (or day) before it has even started, decide what you do as you go. The date may have began with getting dinner, but try suggesting a walk soon after. Go somewhere where you know there are things to do, and hold out for something to leap out at you.

You could stroll past a small cafe you really like and propose going there. This is just an example, but it means that you have gone from dinner, to a walk, to a cafe. You have kept the date shifting, and you have kept it exciting. This is what being spontaneous on a date does, and you can do it however you like.

Pursue your instinct and she will follow you.

For the most part, on a date it’s assumed that the male will have some form of plan for the evening. You shouldn’t be afraid to go out on a whim and advise something which you just thought of, because if it has the potential to be fun, she will unquestionably come with you. As long as you’re sure about your suggestions, she will be too.

Becoming spontaneous will also make the date more exciting for you, so really, you can’t go wrong with it. On your next date, suggest something you wouldn’t generally do and see where it takes the evening. If it went in a different direction than what you imagined, but was still fun/more fun, you’re on the right path.

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