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The Difference Between Confidence And Self Respect: A Brief Outline

By Guest Author On July 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

I was driven towards looking to the self-confidence and self-esteem within myself on a deeper level. How do we evaluate the two?

Self-Confidence is the level of where we’re conscious of ourselves, in relation to our abilities, gifts and understanding. This is where we have the awareness of our capabilities. However, we don’t have enough drive toward generating changes in any conviction we hold and what we believe in.

We grow to really feel safe and comfortable with what we’re used to in our surroundings. The thought of embracing new opportunities that offer change turn out to be somewhat fearful. This is reflective of the reality that we are scared to make a leap into an unknown environment.

So, if you are single guy, don’t be afraid of approaching girls. Build your self-confidence, learn how to pick up ladies and look online for the best places to pick up women. If you are gal, search, “pick up line for woman” to find out the best way to attract men.

Self-Esteem is the level where we’re lost within our own identity. It’s a common trait for most people that we tend to sit in the ‘back seat’ allowing other men and women to take control of what should be our own decisions, permitting ourselves to become dependent on other people to manage our affairs. This may most likely lead us into becoming a doormat for other men and women to toss us around to be able to meet their own selfish ends.

Now where do we find the principal source of this dilemma?

There are lots of different factors, all of which contribute to and hold equal significance in influencing these matters. To cover all possible influences would be too long at this point. However, I would like to identify the factor of which I believe the responsibility lies in the first place.

We’re often hasty when bringing a young child into this world. When two individuals unite they might not be ready for the relationship in itself, despite handling the responsibility that raising a child carries.

This aspect will take effect, resulting in the couple neglecting the significance of nurturing their own individual relationship with each other. In several instances the gap between the couple will become increasingly larger and wider.

All the frustration that has accumulated as a result of the void in the parent’s relationship is positioned on the child. That child is sensitive to all of which happened between his / her parents. He or she is quite aware of the fact that it really is through faults of their own that the issues occurred in the first place.

When a youngster is between ages of 5 to 10, it is these years which are the most vital years when he will require the security and support from his mother and father to maintain a healthy development and growth when it comes to his self-confidence and self-esteem.

In a situation where the loved ones are dealing with the upheaval of a divorce, each parent will try to push that kid towards taking their side. This plays a huge part of all of these problems. It really is the intervention of our human ego.

Where is our individual responsibility?

We cannot change any of the events that happened in the past, this is why we call it our ‘past’. However, we can accept the experiences for what they were and make the allowance for ourselves to heal. Be open to experience life and learn to take responsibility for ourselves and for those individuals who are close to us far more seriously.

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