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Sunless Tanning to get a Natural, Healthier Tan this Summer season

By Guest Author On August 27, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction

Keeping yourself out beneath ultra violet rays for long hours is dangerous and may bring about cancer of the skin. While the earth gets increasingly more industrialized, the ozone layer which shields all of us from the high temperature and the destructive rays of the sun is gradually getting thinner and making the world more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful effects. Long gone are those days that we could visit the beach and simply get suntanned without worrying about the chance of getting skin cancer. Tanning beds became widely used simply because people believed that they were risk-free. But, it wasn’t long before we found out that they were definitely not safe. Relaxing inside of a tanning bed for long periods of time could also result in the growth of skin cancer. Getting a tan the old fashioned way may also leave your skin dried up and even leathery. Men and women still wished to enjoy that bronzed appearance therefore they began hunting for a harmless option. And then by way of advancements in technology came the creation of the airbrush tanning method.

The reasoning associated with airbrush tanning is to produce a smooth, even tan through the applying of a tanning formula. The system uses dihydroxyacetone or DHA which is incorporated into a tanning solution which has been authorised by the Food and drug administration. You can use the internet to look for <a href=”http://www.luminess-tan-reviews.com/”>luminess tan reviews</a> that discuss the process in detail. The actual airbrush gadget is connected with an air compressor that disperses a light mist of color on your skin. This tan color is visible straight away, so you won’t miss any spots. The DHA in the solution basically darkens your skin pigment slowly at the same time. Airbrush tanning may be done in a beauty salon by a specialist however it could get pricey after a few sessions. You will find airbrush tanning systems available for people to use in the home. These types of kits normally include all you will need to spray on a healthy looking, harmless tan quickly.

You will want to practice a bit to get the look you want and so the kit contains plenty of tanning solution for that. Airbrush tanning has long been chosen by models and movie stars for over two decades. It has just recently been available for public use. We all know that suntanning in the sunshine can be risky and those so-called tanning ointments can leave orange blotches on the skin. Airbrush tanning certainly is the way to go. It truly is safe, fast and easy to work with. The actual tan will last around 10 days if you keep it moisturized. The airbrush tan will not rub off onto clothes or go away when you get wet. This method is actually a safe replacement for real sun-tanning. Based on some <a href=”http://www.luminess-tan-reviews.com/”>luminess tan reviews</a> the kit provided is easy to use and contains a DVD with clear, simple to follow directions. With an airbrush tanning system you could have that warm, sun-kissed look at any time of the year.

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