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Picking a Self Defense School that Fits a Women’s Needs

By Guest Author On May 17, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

More and more women are taking a stand to do their part in decreasing their chances of being victimized in their lifetime by doing self defense classes.  Although this news is good their chances of not becoming victims could also depend on what school they received their self defense training from.  All across the country and especially in Maryland Self Defense schools are springing up.  Not all of these schools are truly qualified to teach an effective self defense system.   I’m sure you could imagine what could happen if a women faced an assailant after being improperly trained in self defense. 

Proper credentials will let women know that they’re getting training from a high quality reputable school. Things to look for are how long the school has been operating. Research the head instructor it’s important to know as much information as possible about this person. Ask the head instructor questions like “Where did you receive your training from?” “How long have you been practicing (whatever they teach)?” Pay attention to the staff members. Does the staff act bothered by you when you need help or do they act as if they have a vested interest in you.  I personally train at an Elkridge Self Defense school that meets my very high standards.

It’s also important to look at what kind of classes the school has. Do they only have a self defense fighting system with limited class selection or does the school have a variety. I would suggest looking for schools that that teach MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Mixed martial arts is recognized by many as the most realistic self defense for women do to its balance of techniques on both the ground and on the feet.   There are many Baltimore area mixed martial arts schools that have very good self defense programs. 


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