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Options in Medical Scrubs

By Guest Author On April 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

Perhaps fashion is not the first issue on your mind when picking medical scrubs, and shouldn’t be. After all, they’re meant to be utilitarian, not stylish. But then, why should it be so hard to achieve all of that and look good in them? Perhaps you’ll never look as drop-dead gorgeous as in your street clothes, but you don’t have to look downright frumpy, either. Of course, if your employer requires a particular fashion and color of scrubs, then you’re rather at their clemency, and that’s another thing. But if not, all it takes is a little attention to cut, colors and personal preferences to dress yourself in uniforms that are truly attractive.

As with any clothes shopping, you’ll have make an effort in the form of research and have a fair sum of patience to find what looks best on you. Take a look at some books on fashion and choosing a wardrobe. A lot of the recommendations in those books are just as easily applied to medical uniforms as to street clothes. Keep an eye out for scrubs that are designed and tailored to fit your figure. Choose tops designed to follow your own girly form. For this, I like the Baby Phat scrubs line. Their scrubs also frequently include little embellishments that can really make a big difference. Some piping here, a small rosette there. Also pay attention to color and print. If you’re a tiny woman, don’t overwhelm yourself in gigantic prints. Go for something more delicate.

If you were looking for that perfect top for evenings out on the town, you wouldn’t look in just one store and settle for something that was just OK, exclusively because it was the best in that location, would you? Similarly, with scrubs you have to shop around. There are plenty of places out there to buy scrubs. You can find them at Walmart and on Amazon, in specialty stores of the brick-and-mortar variety as well as online. The more general stores that offer all sorts of items are more likely to carry just the most popular brands, like this one. However, the more specialized the store, the more likely they are to have a wider choice (Amazon may be the exception to the rule ).

Really, those fashion and style books you may associate with your everyday clothes are your best friends when it comes to picking out a scrubs wardrobe, too. I just want to give you some encouragement not to settle for blah when it comes to workwear. Have some more respect for yourself. You’ll find that it’ll also make you feel better and more cheerful about work.

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