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Losing Weight After Menopause – Is It Doable

By Guest Author On May 13, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem

Losing weight after menopause is not going to be impossible, so end worrying out over it. We mean that, literally. Strain is likely to make the job a whole lot of harder. Stress stimulates hormones in your body that tell it to hold on to all of the reserve energy it’s saved up. That reserve energy is, of course, your fat cells.

So, making it possible for stress to conquer your life it isn’t just foolish, it will be harmful. Shedding pounds after menopause will require some sizable modifications in your life style, however these changes are not insurmountable.

For instance, since the children are gone and house does not get as dirty as quickly as before, there’s a chance you’re tempted to sit down for five minutes. 5 minutes is okay, but you have to get back up again. Really don’t let slowing down develop into a habit. Successfully losing weight after menopause usually means getting active. Has been there always a number activity you wanting to try, but never had enough time to try out before? This is the time.

How about dancing salsa or the cha-cha? There are various great dancing routine DVD’s to choose from which you could incorporate to dance to, in the comfort of your own house, in case you feel as if you’ve two left feet. Trust us, your dog won’t care. But your entire body will thank you for it.

Losing weight after menopause with an activity you prefer will inspire you to keep doing it. So boring workouts are out! Have you thought about yoga? Stretching and breathing techniques are a good tool for reducing your weight after menopause.

And do you know what? Getting on the exercise bandwagon will help you sleep even better at night! I realize you miss getting good sleep. Enjoying a body that’s fit and well-used is definitely a ticket to great sleep.

So, losing weight after menopause is great for several areas of your life, not only the weight problem. A steady, consistent pattern of activities will produce better stamina, tougher bones as well as a quicker, fat-burning metabolism.

Taking walks is definitely very easy exercise to incorporate into your schedule, too. To put it differently, your exercise regimen does not have to be monotonous. Half an hour of working in your garden a day, yoga the next day, dancing, swimming… you see where we’re going with this. Change it up, have some fun and losing weight after menopause can be easy!

As those are only some ideas to get your mind moving in a good direction, only you will know what activities you can to your routine for shedding pounds after menopause.

Losing weight after menopause is only going to get much easier as soon as you add a healthy, well-balanced diet to the daily workout, and that new you is likely to surprise everyone, perhaps even yourself! Visit http://www.menopause-weight.com to learn more on losing weight after menopause.

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