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Jelqing Exercise Programs For An Even Bigger Penis

By Guest Author On April 4, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

Penis size has been something that men (and women) have been worried about for 100s if not 1000’s of years. Throughout this time, other methods to get an even larger penis have emerged, however amongst the oldest methods to enhance penis size is jelqing – and it is still possibly the most effective.

What Is Jelqing?

Jelqing has been practiced for countless years. The word, and probably the method, comes from the Arab world, and means to ‘milk.’ Essentially, jelqing is a series of natural exercise programs to advertise natural penis growth.

It has helped millions of men attain a much bigger penis and a lot more satisfying intercourse, both for them and their mates. There are a a lot of other variations of jelqing workout routines, all of which are successful but to varying degrees.

What Are The Most Successful Jelqing Exercise Programs?

Even though a natural penis enlargement technique, it is vital that all exercise programs on the penis are executed correctly and cautiously, or you may hurt your penis. When starting off do not get carried away. In the event you ‘milk’ too vigorously it may cause broken blood vessels, bruises and possibly infection. However, if it is executed correctly, it’s a perfectly safe and efficient method of penis growth.

Before starting the jelqing routine, it is important that you simply do a warm up exercise, in much the same way that an athlete would warm up before they exercise full strength. The best way to do this is to use a warm moist cloth and hold it around your penis for something like two to three minutes. The heat from the material will draw additional blood into the penis, making it semi erect and allowing the exercise programs to be more helpful.

After the warm up, lubricate both your hands and your penis, using baby oil or something similar. The very best newbie exercise is to outwardly drive the blood circulation to the tip of your penis. Make an ‘OK’ sign with your thumb and index finger. With this ‘O’ hold the bottom of the penis, and little by little start ‘milking’ the penis, forcing blood from the bottom, through the shaft, to the head.

Do this stroking process just about one hundred times once day after day (for about two minutes) for the initial week.

This provides you with a very good workout routine to begin with. If you persevere, you could simply add several inches of both length and width to your penis in a very brief time.


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