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Immediate Dating Techniques Any Person Can Work With – Make Some Changes In Your Life

By Guest Author On July 5, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction

Most of us walk around caught up inside our own thoughts. We don’t look at individuals as we walk outside, and we even have the radio blasting inside the car so we do not even notice those single, sexy people inside the cars next to us.

Step out of your head and into your environment.

Rather than saying that there aren’t any available women out there, why don’t you take your head out of your magazine at Barnes & Noble and notice if anyone is looking at you?

There are loads of attractive women out there dying to ask you out. Your body language could be part of the reason why they don’t.

Have open body language. This means no crossed arms. No hiding behind books. No hunching your shoulders.

Make eye contact. Instead of looking down when a lovely woman looks at you, meet her gaze. The appropriate eye contact may be sexier versus the hottest verbal conversations.

Smile even more. Research has proven that a smiling face is considered to be friendlier and much more attractive than a person who goes around with a tight jaw.

Loosen up your mouth and allow your lips to be at least to some extent parted at all times. Spot the difference in how more people smile, look towards you and come up to you.

Get out there and try online dating. It’s an awesome way to practice being social without physically being in someone else’s presence. Once you get comfortable with a person, then you can proceed to socializing with them in person, in public.

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