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I Want A Larger Penis – Do I Truly Have To Have Surgery?

By Guest Author On April 10, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a much larger penis – a whole lot of men yearn for a bigger penis. Having a standard or smaller than usual sized penis truly undermines your assurance and is an actual fear for numerous men. Feeling insecure concerning your penis size will affect your performance in the bed room, and in some instances could be a trigger for impotence.

Is a surgical procedure the only way to get a larger penis?

There isn’t a doubt that for some guys surgery is a choice, however it’s a big step to let a surgeon near your penis with a blade. There are various issues you’ll have to consider before you pick this choice.

The two major kinds of penis growth operation are penile injection and ligament cutting.

1. Operation to increase penis width

Penile injection will not increase the size, but is designed to increase the thickness or girth of the penis. The procedure includes injecting fattty cells inside the shaft of the penis, just below the skin.

One problem is that this method frequently leads to an unnatural look and weird feel to the penis, and can frequently leave it rough and disfigured.

That is significantly necessary because surveys have shown that, after penis size, one of the most desirable things for ladies is that the penis is smooth, straight and attractive.

Aside from this, the other drawback is that the outcomes are usually extremely short lived. Fairly often the fat cells are reabsorbed by the body, so whatever additional size will probably be lost after roughly one year.

2. Surgical procedure to enhance penis length

The penis is supported by a suspensory ligament, and to lengthen it, the most common method is to cut this ligament. This makes the penis appear longer when it is not erect, because it hangs more. The problem is that it’ll most likely have absolutely no effect on the length of the erect penis, which is of course what truly counts.

All operation carries risks – with penis enlargement surgery the particular risks are bleeding, an infection, and even deformity. Even if every part does go according to plan, success isn’t guaranteed, and you could possibly find yourself being a lot poorer, however not any larger.

An Alternative Possibility – Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises For A Bigger Penis

Rather than the danger and expense of an operation, a confirmed and extremely useful way is a natural penis growth workout routine. Utilizing just your hands, you possibly can enhance penis size by as much as 3-4 inches and width by up to 2 inches.

The solution to having a bigger penis is utilize methods intended to increase the quantity of blood that the three chambers inside the penis will hold. Simpy put, the more blood that gets into it, the larger it becomes.

Workouts divide the cell walls and softly drive more blood through them, and the penis then restores itself. Cells grow back stronger and bigger than before. This permits more blood to get in, and so you get a much bigger, stronger and more pleasing penis.

Not only is this a safe and cheap choice, it has confirmed and enduring outcome. Even after you discontinue doing the workout routines, your penis would still stay longer and wider. It is a truly effectual solution to get larger, with out letting anyone touch your penis with a knife!

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