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How to Build Your Own Shaving Kit for Men

By Guest Author On June 3, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

Most men’s shaving set consist mainly of blade and a can of foam but if you’re dying  for a perfect or at least a close shave, you will need so much more . Forget about your male friends who say that stocking your  medicine  cabinet with different oils and creams make you queer . Remember one thing- chicks dig a smooth and stubble-free face.

Let’s talk about the basic products that should be included on mens shaving set. First you need a good pre-shave exfoliant scrub. Always scrub with hot water, this will help open your pores . The ideal thing to do is to shower before you shave but if you don’t have the time, you can just wrap a hot, wet towel around your face for at least 2 minutes. This will make your skin supple and your whiskers fluffed. You can also use a pre-shave oil to soften the hair and open skin pores. This will ensure a close shave . Always look for natural oils like coconut (this is the best in my opinion, it’s also cheap), sunflower, olive or other natural oils  . If you have an acne-prone skin , you may want to look for a product that contains tea tree oil .

If you want to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair, why not include a shaving powder in your shaving set for men? There are two types- depilatory powder and the kind that is intended for use with electric shavers. If you still like to use cream/foam  , make sure you massage the product into your beard to soften the hair for an easy shave . The main reason why a lot of men prefer shaving cream/foam over other products is because it can rinse easily from the blades.

What’s the next product you will need in your kit? Yup that’s your razor! Although electric shavers are convenient to use, they still result in a shave that’s not quite as close as one achieved with a safety razor even after years of innovation. The good news is that theyrarely cause razor burns or cuts. If I were you I would invest on a quality multi-blade cartridge safety razor or a double-edged safety razor just because I want the perfect shave.

Lastly, you want an aftershave product to complete the  job . Look for something with Vitamin C, E, Aloe and Tea Tree Oil. Pat it on gently and don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with dry skin. Finish off with a good moisturizer with sunscreen.


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