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For Better Skin, Try The Acne Light

By Guest Author On May 25, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

A skin condition often associated with puberty and teen years, acne can affect men and women throughout their lifetime. Severe acne at any age may cause scaring of the face, neck, chest and back or any other affected area of the body. A new development in the treatment of acne is the use of red and blue light to treat the condition. The acne light treatment method offers several advantages over the traditional treatments.

Acne lights do not require the use of astringents, creams or lotions. The do not stain or bleach the users clothing or bedding. The light can be used while the person is involved in other activities.

The light emitted by the acne light is at very specific wave lengths, chose to kill bacteria and promote healing without damaging the skin. The blue light has an antibiotic effect on the bacteria that causes acne, while the red light stimulates the skin to heal without leaving scars.

The time investment to use the acne light is from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes daily. The wavelengths have been chose to avoid difficulties with sunburn or other skin damage. Persons who are sensitive to the light should discontinue use.

Users of the acne light should not expect immediate results. It could take up to eight weeks of daily use before there is a marked improvement.

If you only have one small area that is affected by acne, then you will find a small light to be sufficient for your treatment. If you have several areas affected, you may need to buy a light that will cover several areas at one time.

Acne is a condition that may affect a student’s self-esteem. If left untreated, it can cause excessive scaring, and may affect the persons feelings of self for many years. The price paid for an acne light and the time invested in its use are a small price to pay for the self confidence it can bring.

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