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Billionaire Boys Club City Style

By Guest Author On September 10, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

The clothes company Billionaire Boys Club was created by musician Pharrell Williams and Japanese music producer, DJ and clothes designer Nigo. The Billionaire Boys Club business was established in 2005 and has been manufacturing premium end urban clothing a similar style to Nigo’s previous project BAPE. The clothing created by Billionaire Boys Club is also a combination of urban meets counter culture with its nod to cartoon characters and the influence of Japanese street fashion with its distinct groups and style.

Billionaire Boys Club 2 Distinct Styles

The company~brand~business} is split into 2 different areas, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream which have differing icons an astronaut for Billionaire Boys Club and of course an Ice Cream for the Ice Cream brand. The brands feature greatly in their own ranges and are immediately recognisable as is the capital B that also adorns the Billionaire Boys Club attire and accessories.

They offer a sizable range of products all with the same urban feel to them; the range consists of hoodies, baggy shorts, t shirts and lots of other items that fit into street culture. All of the designs are limited edition which can help to give good reason for the premium prices of the products because they are a more exclusive range with a high level turnover of products.

The colours are usually intense and stimulating because if you are going to be buying from this range you are going to want to be different from the crowd. There is a heavy influence of camouflage prints and a general army approval; it is fascinating how this type of apparel has become the counter culture when in numerous ways it represents the popular and the unadventurous. Both Pharrell and Nigo get pleasure from being contentious and the company style and culture reflects this mentality.

Billionaire Boys Club Accessories for the urban Gentleman

Pharrell is famous for his fashion and his use of accessories especially his liking for trucker caps so it is not a great surprise that the company has a extensive collection of trucker caps. The styles vary from a plain cap with a B through to sundae and Ice creams of course. The other design that features a lot is the beanie & bobble hat which is an additional item that is strongly linked with the young and street clothing and culture.

They change their range around a great deal so they are definitely seasonal and create a sizeable range of various clothes for you to choose from all year round. The creators wished there to be a fast paced turn over with each collection to ensure the exclusivity of the brand and the sense of belonging to a boys club through purchasing the clothes. The overall style is extremely similar to the style of Pharrell himself a mix of street and preppy with the use of contrasting colours. He is often featured wearing clothes from the collection too because he has like many new wave fashion gurus launched clothes that he would like to wear on a daily basis like Liam Gallagher’s latest venture Pretty Green.

So if you enjoy your clothes original or know someone who does this would be the perfect range to start purchasing.

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