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Are You Worried About Skin Tags?

By Guest Author On January 29, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

For many individuals, they are rather mindful of skin tags that are often found in the folds of skin such as the groin area, armpits and eyelids, realize that they are not dangerous.  Other people particularly people who may have just detected them, they can become quite concerned.  The question for these people is are skin tags dangerous.

If you’re concerned about skin tags, talk with your Dr..  Show them where they are and make sure that they are not something that is going to turn into a problem down the road.  The truth is most skin tags are benign and will never be a problem, while others, specially those that are in areas that can become irritated can be dangerous but not commonly cancerous.
Skin tags grow out of the skin from a root stalk of cells, compared to a flat mole type grouping of cells.  They can become quite large, but aren’t usually seen bigger than a golf ball, removal is usually quick and easy , and may or may not contain an anesthetic.  Of course, it’s all according to the size of the skin tag, where it’s placed, and what your preferences are.
You should alert your physician even though most skin tags are benign. You can then discuss removal procedures, and even whether you wish to take the time to remove them.  Because they are not usually cancerous, and if they’re not in an area that is intimately irritated, it is considered cosmetic surgery.  This means that it may or may not be covered by your health policy.

These benign skin tags can show up anyplace from the time you were born, to 60 years of age or older.  And many people find that during middle age they notice more of them appearing.  The ones that are on the eyelids or on the face are often the most uncomfortable, and then there are those that hit in the underwear elastic areas, these also can be uncomfortable and become irritated.

There are plenty of ways that you can remove skin tags easily and  speedily.  In fact, according to the size, you may be able to use a pair of toe or fingernail clippers that have been sterilized.  You may feel a slight pinch when you remove the skin tag, if you theorise it’s going to bleed, make sure you check with your physician before you do this.  Then there is ligation, cryosurgery,cauterization and excision all done without an anesthetic by your doctor.

It really depends on the skin tag and where it is located as to whether the question of skin tags being dangerous or not can be answered the right way.  When you notice skin tags , alert your doctor if they are growing in an irritating area, and then between the two of you, decide whether it needs to be removed and is it affecting the health for women or men.

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