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Achieve Better Intimacy and Improve Your Sex Life: Sex Therapy – How It Works and Whether It’s Right for You

By Guest Author On May 26, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem

Working on intimacy worries and sexual concerns with a sex therapist can enable you to build better intimacy with your partner and transform your sex life. But is sex therapy right for you?

Problems connected with sexual performance and intimacy concerns are anything but rare. Around 33% of men and 50% of women experience challenges relating to sexual thoughts, sexual activities, or intimacy at some stage in their lives. Sex therapy can help.

Sex therapy is a type of counseling supplied by a qualified metal health professional possessing specialized training focusing on challenges associated with sex and human relationships. Sex therapy has been proven useful for individuals of varying age groups, genders, and sexual orientations. And sex therapy can be beneficial whether you’re currently in a partnership or single.

So how exactly does sex therapy work?

As part of your first sessions with each other, a sex therapist and you will go over the problems that inspired you to search for professional assistance. Sexual difficulties are generally complex, and your therapist will try to obtain a clear understanding of your unique conditions.

While you and your sex therapist talk about the problems that brought you to counseling therapy, your therapist will teach you skills to improve your communication and intimacy with your significant other and determine ways to address your problems.

Assuming you’re in a relationship, it’s oftentimes helpful to include your significant other in appointments with your sex therapist. Couples sex therapy doesn’t solely focus on expressing your emotions and frustrations with each other. There’s always physical effort required of both partners as well.

Usually, a sex therapist will give you and your partner “homework exercises.” Some of these normally include getting acquainted with sexual techniques, learning the best ways to relax and concentrate on what you’re feeling while you’re having sex, as well as modifying the way you interact with your partner during sex. As your therapy treatment proceeds, you can expect to expand on these experiences to further investigate and refine the challenges you want to deal with.

Sexual problems and intimacy issues are quite often associated with various other underlying causes. These can include psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, or stress. However, sexual ability is often negatively influenced by chronic illnesses as well as the side effects of medication. Depending on the concerns you face, consulting a sex therapist may be all you require. All the same, you and your sex counselor might choose to work with your physician, psychiatrist, or physical therapist to provide comprehensive and reliable healing.

Which issues might sex therapy allow you to overcome?

Sex therapy can help solve many problems related to sexual capabilities, beliefs that may affect your sex life, or the manner in which you and your partner interact with each other. Just a few examples include:

  • Fears related to sexual desire or arousal
  • Addictive or uncontrollable sexual behaviors
  • Impotence problems
  • Difficulties achieving climax
  • Climaxing too fast (premature ejaculation)
  • Difficult or painful sex
  • Worries around sexual needs and sexual orientation

Is discussing intimacy uncomfortable?

Considering how stressful individuals find talking about sex with a partner, facing sex and intimacy concerns with someone you’re not familiar with leads most individuals to feel at least a little uncomfortable. That having been said, sex counselors are taught to assure your ease and comfort. Your therapist will appreciate whatever reservations you’ve got and can help you be able to express your feelings more effectively and understand your partner’s needs.

How much time does sex therapy need?

A number of intimacy issues and sexual difficulties may be treated quickly, in a few sessions. However, to be effective, more than several therapy appointments tend to be recommended. At the outset of therapy, your therapist will go over with you what you should expect, the number of sessions you’ll need, and how frequently you’ll get together.

How much will sex therapy cost?

Sex counseling services can cost $150 or more per appointment. However, sex therapy is covered by quite a few health insurance providers. Speak to your insurance provider before your first session to be sure sex counseling is included by your plan.

Finding a sex therapist who’s right for you

Aside from searching online for sex therapists and counselors in your area, nearby hospitals and university medical facilities commonly include sex therapy clinics or your general practitioner can refer you to a qualified therapist.

When considering sex therapists, be sure to check their qualifications. Any sex therapist you see ought to have specific expertise handling sexual problems and should be a licensed mental health professional.

Even the best therapist isn’t always the best in every case. Successful therapy requires effective communication and trust between you and your therapist. If you find yourself unhappy with your therapist, you don’t need to give up hope for the usefulness of therapy. Instead, search for a more suitable therapist who better works with your unique style and requirements.

Is sex therapy appropriate for you?

Regardless of whether you’re considering sex therapy for a sexual issue you’ve encountered for years or are doubting you truly require help, sex therapy can enable you to recognize, face, and resolve challenges associated with your sexual experiences, enhance your enjoyment of sex, and achieve greater intimacy with your partner.

While some individuals have unrealistically high expectations regarding sex, romantic and sexual experiences should be pleasurable for you and your partner. If you feel sex is difficult or stressful, sex therapy really can help.

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