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Unlimited Victorian Detail

By Guest Author On December 26, 2010 Under Improve Your Life

Promising to recreate a Victorian home does not require you to place relic upon relic of clutter to signify the era. An array of useless junk, hallways of wall paintings and a series of curios, defames everything that concerns the Victorian image. Thank you for reading about graphic design contests and design.

First and foremost, items like these are not as important as the architectural design quality of a Victorian home’s structure as said by one home magazine editor. As work was being done on his home, also serving as an office for his publication, the editor said that he and his wife were very particular about what they preferred among what was original in the 1883 brownstone. Speculations are key elements as said by the couple. Dealing with the renovations, as he comments, is a matter of putting themselves in the shoes of the actual builder considering the steps he would take if he had the money and the best designers. Personally preferred elements from the best of 1880s designs are used in the couple’s home.

England’s Queen Victoria’s time of influence from 1837 is associated with the Victorian period. Architectural and interior design in the Victorian period experienced numerous improvements and people have an extensive source for information they can use in their projects, pegging the time of the build to the Victorian tastes that applied then.

There is still a huge demand for reprints of Victorian trade catalogs and architectural pattern books, as seen in how American houses look, in today’s market. For other tips on restoration projects, a monthly newsletter is available to those who are interested. From concerns on wiring to matching bricks and mortar, these journals that started in October 1973 continue to provide the best resource for anything related to restorations, also providing readers with access to the earliest issues published. Other than the monthly prints, a yearly buyer’s guide is also made containing contacts for rare items and related services. Thank you for reading about logo contest and design.

Having wallpaper further accentuated the classic Victorian style. You will not see a standard pattern all throughout the walls. Starting from the bottom, the dado is the first level lined with wallpaper and the design would usually be any kind of wood pattern. This is followed by either a chair rail or any type of border. Above the border, up to two more levels of wallpaper can be created with the third level referred to as the fill and the fourth, the frieze.

Professional decorators act as the medium for companies who manufacture and sell expensive Victorian wallpaper replicates. Some may want an exact restoration either for museums or famous homes, so companies can also provide actual paper duplicates using old wall scraps. If a person is not in a position to go with such detail, the Victorian style can still be obtained through other inexpensive paper options.

People should deliberate about the high costs attributed to having 19th century window treatments. A typical drapery from the 1800s would be created out of pricey wool rep ideal for the purpose. By studying photos and drawings of draperies of the period, a do it yourselfer can approximate them in other fabric at a much lower cost. Additional costs result from expensive trimming for authentic window treatments. Sometimes a knottyer’s services are more affordable yielding similar results.

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