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Teams – your secret to success

By Guest Author On May 26, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Setting Goals

What is up with the world cup?

it is difficult to get away from the world cup football tournament which is all that is talked about and shown on television all the time.

In fact all that I hear people interacting about is the world cup and how come so many of the teams don’t seem to play at the highest level they will?

it’s not just   something that applies to football, but also to business .

Everyone   wish to get visions in life and business and when it’s also a question of getting teams involved, which is another level of difficulty!

One of the huge issues is helping teams to work together . A team may get excellent results depending on the quality of interacting and interacting within the team.

You can have the best people in the world, but that means zero when it’s about teams.

That is all it comes down to – how the team works together .

Whatever your big picture, synergy in a team leads to brilliant results, when there is disharmony, you’ll get lousy results!

Take for example if you desired to build the best car in the world. You could regard that you could go out and get the best parts from all the different cars. For example, perhaps Ferrari build the best engines, BMW the best exhausts, maybe Mercedes the best wheels etc .

Which is all the best parts from all the cars around the world and now you will get to put it all together. So do you get a excellent car?


it is a pile of rubbish!

it’s not just about the best parts, it’s about how they work together!

So what is your vision?

If you have a team involved and you long for to get excellent results, you need to make sure that the team will work together well.

You can hire the best people in the world, but you’ll get terrible results if they won’t work together.

Just look at the world cup!

Which is loads of the best players in the world, but the results they are getting are frequently pretty bad! Because they are not completely working as a team!

So how could you get a team to work together well?

Well, here are   several steps to get brilliant results:

1: Know your outcome – you must make sure you know your vision and that your team does as well. Be really clear about explaining your outcome to your team, or you will find yourself wasting a lot of time

2: Set guidelines for working – make sure people know their roles in the team, what is expected of them and the consequences of not doing what is needed. Most teams lose because well stated rules are not made clear to people involved in them

3: Reward good work – you will get brilliant results sometime and take them for granted. Make sure you reward brilliant results in the team and reinforce the behaviour.

NLP offers good secrets for getting results in any outcome. Most people who learn NLP and hypnosis in London get results far quicker than they would imagine.



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