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Strengthening the Father-Son Bond through Electric Train Sets

By Guest Author On February 23, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

Each person deserves to pursue a hobby he finds enjoyable each time he is free. This becomes all the more necessary if you are a busy person. You need to have time for relaxation or enjoy some recreation since this is the only way to release stress and find yourself rejuvenated for the workdays to come. The problem here is that your son may also demand that you spend time with him. Hence, choosing a hobby that would require you to be far from home during your days off won’t be such a good idea after all. If you are about to choose a hobby, consider getting one that you could enjoy with your son.

An example of this hobby would be to build electric train sets. You may think that you are too old for toys and that this may be just child’s play that would be impossible for you to enjoy. However, these are rarely simple toys and ideally they are not even meant for children. This hobby often demands for a certain level of maturity and technical competencies that will allow you to enjoy this hobby. Try buying a set and read the manual and you would find out that your son may not be able to finish building it without your assistance.

Electric train sets are indeed fun and challenging. In fact, you may just prefer to build these by yourself and avoid the trouble of having someone else who may not be of much help. However, such an attitude would truly defeat the purpose of picking this type of hobby. It is not just a train set that you are trying to build when you have your son with you. It is actually the healthy relationship between you two that you are also trying to develop. Each minute spent attaching the pieces must be moments you enjoy building a good father-son rapport.

For you not to end up arguing with your son while you two are building the set, you would have to discuss with him entirely the instructions that are found in the manual. Through this way, you are actually educating him on the importance of planning and organization before setting out on a project. This lesson will soon be valuable when the son matures and makes decisions on his own. Apart from this, the entire process of understanding the entire manual and discussing the important details with your son is great means of practicing healthy conversation with your son.

Building electric train sets may just seem to be a past-time that you do with your son. However, when your son gets older and starts to travel and live on his own, the lessons you taught him here would be more useful to him. Every time your son sees a running train wherever it may be he would be able to remember these days when you were building train sets together. Of course, it’s not just the memory of creating model trains that will come to mind but also the success you gained as a father.

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