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Select The Best Individual While Focusing On The Romance

By Guest Author On June 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

The Relationship Triangle

Most people get involved in a dating relationship for the best reasons and leave the relationship for the wrong reasons. The truth is, just about everyone has been accountable for it at one time or another and of becoming a total spaz, demanding we get our way.

Remember the film, He Said, She Said? A pandoras box is opened up if you make the dating relationship all about you. So why do we do it?

I believe the reason this occurs is mainly because we make unhealthy relationship choices. In our deepest inner desires, we naturally long for companionship and love within our lives. In our haste, we choose unwisely and compromise for the “next person” that comes along to fulfill that longing.

In this context, it is easy to bend and flex because in the beginning we still don’t know that individual. Then as we do get to know them, we find ourselves making more compromises.

We don’t have the guts to fess up to our own mistakes and all sorts of other irrational reasons rambling in our heads to avoid hurting somebody else. It’s a terrible move opening that pandora’s box, just fess up.

In our relationship objectives, we need to be a lot more conscious of ourselves, our habits, our needs, our likes and dislikes. The focus should not be on the individual, the focus needs to be on the dating relationship.

Even within the dating context – it could result in something serious – we need to focus on the relationship goals. What exactly is it that you want from a relationship? Who are you in a relationship? What do you want from the relationship? Remain open to change, improvements, development and more.

When you can answer these questions a lot more clearly and you find yourself able to recognize what you’ll be able to give to the relationship, you choose your dating partners a lot more wisely. You also communicate a lot more openly and honestly simply because it’s much less about you and a lot more about the relationship.

The other person can listen much better simply because it is more about the relationship and much less about them. And adjustments can be made so much more effortlessly from both sides when we communicate about the relationship.

So examine it like a triangle. You are on one side and your partner on the other. As opposed to eyeballing and measuring one another, look to the peak – The Relationship.

That is your goal, that’s your partner’s goal, and you look only at yourself in comparison to the relationship objectives. You are teammates, you see the goal, and now you’ll be able to work more effectively together.

It is not about me, it is about the relationship. Can I achieve this within the relationship? Do I want that? Of course, then let’s do it together by researching: “pandora box vin dicarlo”.

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