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Second Chance Relationship – 6 Practical Ways To Give Love One More Chance

By Guest Author On August 7, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Law of Attraction

Second Chance Romance can happen even if the relationship was totally broken. If you have not yet moved on and still thinks of him, listen to what your heart is saying and feel the magic once more.

It is hard to experience break up, from the loss of partner up to the pain from the situation are difficult to accept so as the process of moving on. As hard as it seems, people who are in the same situation opt to deal with things that can satisfy them. Saying I LOVE YOU will not totally help you to get back the love you used to have. But, it is necessary that you take steps for you to realize if there is still hope for a second chance romance.

Learn How to Get Back Together Today

If you still believe in second chance and your heart is still beating for him, then go and find a way to win him back, learn through the processes and take time.

Getting to Know Yourself More
Sometimes, when you are in the relationship, you are too in love that you cannot think of yourself anymore and you are not able to know yourself well, so you have to look back on the times when you were on the relationship and on the time when you were facing problems; think also of how were you as a partner. Were you a manipulative partner in the relationship? Were you the most insecure among the two? Were you not accepting ideas from him? Were you a nagger? When you have one of those mentioned attitudes, it can be the reason for break up. When you know that there really is something in you, make necessary changes.

Do not blame yourself
It is unfair that you were the only person to put the blame on the break up. Consider also your partner. How was he as a partner? Was he the best man ever? Was he a cheater?  When he was not able to do the obligations as your partner, he can be also blamed, both of you.

FRIENDS again.
Friendship is the start of something new and exciting. Making friends with your ex doesn’t mean anything, it’s just good to know that you will be good friends after the break up; you can go out as friends without being awkward with each other until such time you both feel that you need second chance. The process of friendship is very exciting as you begin to learn new about each other as if you just met awhile ago.

Hang out with him.. As friends!
Once you become friends after the break up, you can invite your partner for a party or a coffee as in purely friends. This is the start of being comfortable with each other.

Growing magic and spark! 
As you are adjusted to being good friends, you may want to get closer with each other more.You may be feeling so comfortable with each other and you now start sharing your views, thoughts and feelings honestly. And by surprise, you want each other to be back for good

YOU and HIM/HER again
After all what you have experienced you have stood up again and now you are back on each other’s arms. The second chance should be well nourished by both of you. To love means to nurture each other and love like forever.

Find Out How to Get Over Being Dumped

Time comes so fast, you were in pain before and now you are happy than ever. You never surrendered. You were able to realize so many things from the past.You tried changing for the better. You never give some time to blame self or others. You were eager for a second chance romance. You gave all your best. It is always true that love is always lovelier the second time around. Yes it is indeed true but it is always a reminder for you that a second chance is given to be responsible and mature in handling the relationship no matter how big or small the problems are.  

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