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Living In A Comfort Zone – The Most Fundamental Human Reactions & Mental Processes

By Guest Author On February 28, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

Why do we avoid facing reality? Why do we cover up the truth with a lie? Come to think of it, people as humans love to live in our own comfort zones. It really is an in-born desire.

Life, in its fundamental form hardly provides a lot of comfort, both physical as well as mental. We’ve been compelled to recognize it ourselves and if we are not able to do that, we create them. Naturally, there’s no better alternative in life other than to “feel good”.

So what is it in the first couple of weeks or months in a dating scenario that makes it so rollicking and tempestuous? Mull over this: first you find somebody, find whether or not the chemistry is suitable, and if it is, pursue it with positive energy.

Now there is a great deal of art, but hardly any science in pursuing, as even Shakespeare stated: the “love of pursuit”. This entails interplay of some of the most fundamental human emotions and mental processes.

It is really an area, where Dating Gurus would like to believe that they know what’s taking place. Most dwell on the maintenance of a relationship, much after the couple has crossed the initial stages of difficult and uncomfortable wooing.

Feelings of the struggle which both had gone through in the initial stages, make most couples stick together even in later months.

One of the most important factors during the early days of romancing (consider the first 60 days) that carry the couple through is, what I call, the “Novelty Syndrome”. A lot like when we got an exciting new toy in our childhood.

The sheer excitement of getting to know someone, open up fresh vistas in your mind and makes you go blind and you start believing in a few white lies. You’re hardly in a mood to confront the warning signals as they gradually appear, but if you do, it is possible to avoid the number of pitfalls which might lie ahead.

It’s important to remember one important thing about human nature. Nothing at all “new” holds its “newness” after some time; a new car, a new house, a new bike will ultimately lose its “new” overall appeal.

Even in a relationship, why does it need to wither out? What happened to the spark? It happens mainly because you “knew” her almost fully and started to take her for granted.

The secret behind any successful relationship that lasts has a great deal to do with investment and even re-investment of time, love, care and trust. The old saying, you reap what you sow, is very true in a human relationship.

If you care to break this period step-by-step and focus on every step, you are much less likely to get into the “better than nothing” trap. Obviously you’ll learn through your many mistakes.

For those who have seen “Sex and the City”, did it ever occurred to you, what makes it so successful? Undoubtedly, it really is entertaining and perceptive, but the truth of the matter  is that it really is so REAL.

It stresses, more than anything else, how unstable and shaky the entire contemporary dating scene is! And, on top of that, it is, hardly understood! Thus, it really is time to remove all that shining veneer and force you to become face to face with REALITY.

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