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How To Create A Productive Work Space

By Guest Author On December 31, 2010 Under Improve Your Life

Are you slacking on work? Don’t feel like doing the things you’re supposed to be doing? Well, if this is the case, have you checked out the environment you are working in? Did you know that your surroundings can highly influence your productivity and creativity? Yes, it does! If you want to change your work and living area from its disheveled state and turn them into areas conducive to high productivity, read on.<br /><br />Whether you want to transform your work or living area, an environment that will make you feel at peace usually makes you comfortable. You are less stressed out in your surroundings, which tends to make your interactions with others a lot more pleasant. You’ll also find that once you’ve transformed a cluttered space into a productive area you’ll want to spend more of your time there.<br /><br />Your first order of business is to get cleaned up. Yes, clean your area up. You do not want any of the negativity that comes along with dirt, dust and grim. When you are in a dirty area, you are probably more preoccupied with what’s going on around you. This takes the attention away from what actually has to get done. This can be especially true for <a href=’http://thepregnancyhealthguide.com’>pregant</a> women. Lower your stress levels by making sure you’re in a clean space.<br /><br />Once you’ve cleaned up, its time to get organized. Clear out any things that are in your workspace that serve as distractions. This means the <a href=’http://www.buymountainbike.biz’>diamondback bikes</a> you purchased have got to go somewhere else, the garage maybe? Keep only the things you need to get your work done in an orderly manner around you.<br /><br />Stay away from the boring color of white as your paint option. White increases levels of stress and depression. Instead, opt for warmer tones. Choosing a different color, beyond white, will help bring out the color of your furniture, drapes and other accessories.<br /><br />Get good natural lighting. Most people know the importance of natural lighting. It gives you energy and motivation to get work done. However, too much light can cause burn out. You want to find the medium between too bright and too dim. This is especially true <a href=’http://thepregnancyhealthguide.com’>when pregnant</a>. Getting enough natural light can help lift your spirits when you are down.<br /><br />Surround yourself with items that bring back good memories. Place items that are associated with the people and places you love, or reminders of what you have accomplished. The positive energy you get from these mementos can go a long way in picking up your spirits and helping your productivity.

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