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Healing Videos Free to Help Manage Pain

By Guest Author On February 16, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

Videos and Pain Management

A revolution by video artists occurring at the internet may help you feel healthier and manage your pain.  Through meditation videos you experience relaxation. You are essentially participating in the miracle of life itself. It may seem a bit of a stretch at first that you can know the unknowable by watching a video.  However, with practice and a sincere intention to be free of the maze of your own thoughts and distractions, you can master results.

In the new millennium amazing steps  in neuroscience have contested old ideas about pain management. All pain should be approached from a holistic mind/body viewpoint . Chronic pain presents unique challenges. Tramadol is proven central analgesic.  Meditation shares something in common with pain killing drugs. It can disrupt rattling effects, which  sensitivity to pain has on your wits.  This is a good thing because rattling your brain over a period of time can injure it. Thus, a practice of healing meditation may work to complement a medication regime in the management of moderate to severe pain.  

Chronic pain can tweek your cortex.  It appears that putting up with  pain, such as the choice to “tough it out”, for long periods of time may actually injure brain function.  Researcher M.N Baliki, et al. (in: 2008 Beyond Feeling: Chronic Pain Hurts the Brain, Disrupting the Default-Mode Network Dynamics. Journal of Neuroscience, 28(6), 1398-1403. DOI 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4123-07.2008)  presented study results that suggest “the brain of a chronic pain patient is not just a healthy brain processing pain information, but rather is altered by the persistent pain in a manner reminiscent of other neurologic conditions associated with cognitive impairments.”

Ancient healing meditation methods, which have functioned for humankind over thousands of years, are being brightly adapted for all to help you achieve a state of peace and relaxation. Internet meditation videos appear to offer ways to do it. Internet video meditations for healing can be found by the hundreds via U-tube. One way to ascertain how well a healing video might work for you is to note the number of times a particular video has been visited by people. Also, artists who display multiple works may reflect greater experience and versatility than a “one-shot” attempt. However, a sense of experimentation in exploring the virtual network can result in exciting and unexpected delights.

You-Tube videos exemplify  the huge diversity of meditative media bytes you can download without cost. Many artists unified what the Ancients knew: you can reach a dateless, up-and-coming  and subtle dimension of our Universe through meditation. In our current state of fellowship there is a lot of noise that obscures our natural ability to feel and know bliss.

In summary, meditation may assist you in becoming more adjusted to your body’s own wondrous  healing powers. Statistical surveys show that there is probably at least one person in your life, who experiences pain and desires to feel better. Meditation is no longer relegated to the margin of care options.  This article is intended to encourage conversation on pain management.  The author is not recommending therapy or treatment.



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