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Framing power for results

By Guest Author On June 1, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

I was going into London earlier at the busiest time on the underground – it’s something I prefer to leave out and am lucky enough in running my own business to be able to do just that most of the time!

But now I required to get into town early. Sure enough, the train was packed! I decided to wait for another one and that was pretty empty , until 3 stops afterwards the doors of the train jammed (funnily enough every time I have seen the NEW underground trains, it’s always them that break) and all people had to get off at the next station.

Lots of grumpy people got off the train and waited for the next one. And that is when the underground staff made a big mistake.

They announced it is soon that there would be an empty train right behind. But when it came , it was packed!

People were not happy!

And that is a principle we teach in NLP – the contrast frame. But they did it the wrong way! Give someone two options, one that’s better and one that’s much worse and the better one might seem even better!

In queues it is   something I’ve observed Disneyworld does a excellent job at this – they always say the wait time could be longer than it’s, so you are completely happy when you don’t have to wait as long as you had expected.

In contrast, it’s frequently that I’ve waited in a line at the mail office in the UK and a sign said 20 minutes to go , but that is an hour later while I was nonetheless waiting. all people felt even more unhappy because the expectation was set up the incorrect way.

You see, disappointment requires preparation! You have an expectation that is usually way out and nothing can ever match it, so when the event happens, you naturally may feel unhappy!

NLP training teaches about expectations and you could use language in an good way so that you ay induce positive experiences for people. And a lot of the time it is absolutely simple – it is just about using your words in a good way!

You see, you might either make someone feel good , or unhappy, and it’s all down to how you frame the situation.

Framing   something right –  it is all the difference.

On our NLP course we teach dissimilar ways to frame a thing for brilliant results.

One way you might do this – which is to ask yourself quality questions.

For example if it’s possible, ask yourself at the beginning of each day questions like –

‘How may I have pleasure today?’

‘What may I inspire today?’

‘How will I get good results today?’

Then how do you consider your life can be even more excellent ?

As long as it is the case that you absolutely put these into practice, which is enough to notice a difference. Change your focus, it’s the case you’ll notice different results.

In working with prospects it is always the case that if you delver more than they expected in advance, they’ll feel outstanding . Deliver less and that is the case that they’ll be unhappy, even if you do a excellent job. So it is important that you frame   something so that people feel they are getting more than they expected and you’ll get outstanding business and future repeat sales.



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