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Families and Martial Arts Training

By Guest Author On May 1, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

I have a friend who’s a kick-boxer in Australia and is working his way up through local and state super heavyweight championships. He and his wife have been across to Korea to train under a martial arts master, and kick-boxing a big sideline of his.

As a group, his entire family have been training in martial arts for years , and it’s a big family!  They’re Polynesian, and all came across to Australia together and that includes grandkids, nieces and nephews, Uncles & Aunts. And they’re all really busy and into different things – website design, a Polynesian band, study etc.

They all train together though, and sometimes I ring my friend up  and am told “sorry I can’t talk now – its training time”.  The whole/entire family has made a set time, most days of the week to train in martial arts together. Sometimes they have a trainer come across from New Zealand to give the family private lessons as a family group.

I believe that this is really great, and shows how an entire family can be involved in a sport and have it keep them together, active and involved. There are so many distractions today ( particularly in large cities  ) with places to go and computer games and movies that it’s become a big thing keeping a family unit together.

Martial arts always have always had the self-defense and discipline aspects and over the years they’ve become far more recreational and tournament related. But it should be promoted far more, that learning Karate, or Tai Kwonda or Kick-boxing or most martial arts can provide the family with a common activity that so many are looking for.

Another product of learning a martial art is the self-assurance that it gives people.   It’s so good to see this in kids, even more so than seeing it in adults .  When you’re a kid, situations and other people can often look a lot more forbidding and overwhelming, and having the confidence that they can look after themselves and CAN control an environment that they find themselves in,  can extravert a young person an incredible amount. This is really important and can also prevent them from searching for other self-confidence boosters and escapism – like drugs.

Dojos that are happy to train the whole family aren’t hard to find and nearly all cater to a full age range, so   I highly recommend family martial arts.


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