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Cult Persuasion And Hypnosis

By Guest Author On January 23, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

Reports show several methods that certain cults practice to influence supporters with their credibility, between psychological to physical.  Cult commanders and active followers implement a mixture of these cult persuasion techniques to attract followers and increase their devotion.

A number of common physical sessions used by cults include repetetive motion, body manipulations and hyperventilation.  In contrast, mental techniques incorporate trance, hypnosis and guided symbolism.

Hyperventilation needs constant over-breathing which triggers carbon dioxide levels inside the bloodstream to drop.  This particular activity creates respiratory alkalosis, a certain unnatural condition of increased alkalinity in the bloodstream and tissues.  In the milder phases, hyperventilation induces dizziness or light-headedness.  Suffice to say, more continuous over-breathing may cause panic, convulsion and muscle cramps.  Cults regularly have members perform constant loud singing, screaming and chanting to generate this condition, which in turn they construe as possessing a spiritual encounter.

Similarly, prolonged swaying movements, assiduous clapping or almost any repeated motion aids to alter a follower’s normal state of awareness.  A painless spin can already produce vertigo; picture the effects of tenacious spin dancing and continuous swaying.  Cult leaders either brand these motion activities as psychological levels of consciousness or proclaim these as euphoria.

Presently there are also a number of body manipulation procedures executed in lots of cult groups.  According to former followers of a cult, the head would go from one participant to another then squeeze on their eyes until eventually the tension in the optic nerves cause these people to see flashes of light.  This kind of method can be called “bestowing divine light.”  The same cult members were repeatedly directed to intently press on their ears until they perceived a buzzing or humming sound, that is interpreted as hearing the “divine harmony.”

On the other hand, several other cult heads utilize hypnotherapy as well as trance to put followers into an altered state of mind, making them more compliant.  Procedures that stimulate enhanced levels of trance include prolonged singing, chanting, meditation and phrase repetition.  In so doing, these leaders can sway their members to follow almost anything, normally without these supporters being aware of the act.

To cut out supporters from their normal frames of reference and drag them up to unconsciousness, cult chiefs also employ several different guided-imagery activities such as long thorough visual stories which could soak up the listeners into a trancelike condition and make them much more vulnerable to suggestion and influence.  Guided imagery is similarly found in yet another powerful method favored by therapy cults to bring followers back to the anguish and isolation of past occurrences like childhood, tragedies and heartbreaks.  This is typically portrayed in movies and sometimes even performed live in certain tv programs.

These kinds of physical and psychological processes have been in existence for ages.  Because of man’s unyielding pursuit for a greater level of bliss, the art of persuasion will continue to be practiced for years to come.

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