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A Number Of Great Destinations Where You Can Take Your Date

By Guest Author On January 26, 2011 Under Improve Your Life

Now that a sorry geek (like you) has finally stumbled upon the girl of your dreams, why don’t we get to the challenging part. The part where you keep the girl interested in you.

This can also be described as the part where you end up selling your family fortunes and wind up penniless, but that does not matter as long as you’ve managed to keep your girl, right?

Now let’s analyze the concept of a date. The roots of the word ‘Date’ lie in ancient Arabia, where the summer season, the springs, the girls as well as the winters are always hot.

The age old tradition of Arabia decreed that males seen going out with women had to be violently disciplined.

Hence hanging out in the city was a little impossible, unless the wife was comfortable with it.

So what the hormone heavy children did was that they used to go out on the desert and hang out under the shade of the date palms. The expression just stuck and there you have the word ‘dating’.

Now, your date destination is very dependent on what sort of a person you happen to be.

There’s a concept in France where an enormous barrel is filled with grapes and individuals get to stomp in it, laugh, screech, and pretend to have a great deal of fun while doing it.

If you happen to be an extremely insecure individual, I would not inform you to use this tactic mainly because you don’t want to see a hunk ‘fall’ on top of your wife/girlfriend, thrash about within the grape slush, and have lots of fun while you run away sobbing.

So for all of you insecure fellas out there, please stay away from such ‘contact sports’ dates, or get an insecure lady who’d rather cling on to you than be clung onto.

Now for married couples, there is a really radical and absolutely ‘win-win’ date concept you may well want to explore.

Go on a date with a married couple. This way, you could gain valuable information about the joys of being hitched and add to the pleasures of your marriage.

Worst case scenario, your wife could end up falling for the other husband, but do not worry. You shouldn’t miss the trick here. You’ll be able to always hit on the other wife if that takes place.

Now for the hard core romantics, I suggest falling back on history for ideas. I suggest going to an apple orchard and picking apples together.

If you think that this notion sucks, I’d suggest you remind yourself of what happened after Eve ate the apple. Doesn’t sound so terrible after all, now does it?

Or if you are the rather conservative lover, it is possible to check out the usual love spots within your local area and keep your chick amused. Now don’t ask me how to keep your chick entertained because that is your job. If I did that, she’d be my girl, not yours.

If absolutely nothing works out and your girl is starting to lose interest, I highly recommend searching: double your dating by david deangelo, double your dating david, or doubleyourdating david deangelo. You’ll certainly find additional suggestions if you need them as well as getting other useful dating info not addressed above. Good Luck!

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